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Alpine Skiing World Cup 2021/2022: All Dates and Venues

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last update on May 17, 2021

The Alpine Ski World Cup traditionally kicks off the new 2021/2022 season in October with the Giant Slalom in Sölden. More than 80 races are on the programme until March, including the Olympic Games in Beijing. We have taken a look at the venues and listed all the dates and locations in table form directly below - including download function. 

>> Profile of the teams and athletes

Season with a few surprises

The Night Race in Schladming is set in January.
© OK Weltcup Alpin Schladming - Raffalt/Huber The Night Race in Schladming is set in January.

After the last winter was already full of innovations due to Corona, the FIS is also planning some changes in advance for the new 2021/2022 schedule. Although World Cup venues outside Europe will also be used again, the separation of speed and technical groups as well as men and women will be retained with a few exceptions.

Once again, all combinations (with the exception of the Olympics) and almost all parallel events will be cancelled. Instead, the FIS has listened to the athletes' criticism and tried to create a balanced plan so that speed and technical skiers can compete in the same number of races.

The distribution of the disciplines in some World Cup venues is a surprise. For example, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen there will be no Kandahar downhill for the men next winter, but only for the women. In Kitzbühel, the Super-G on the Streif has also been cancelled and two downhill races will be held instead. 

The highlight of the season will be the Winter Olympics in Beijing, which are scheduled for 4-20 February 2022 at the Yanqing ski resort. The season finale with the awarding of the crystal globes is then planned in Courchevel/Méribel, where the World Championships will take place in February 2023.

Alpine Skiing World Cup 2021/2022 - Calendar Men

24 Oct 2021Sölden (AUT)Giant Slalom 
14 Nov 2021Lech Zürs (AUT)Parallel 
26 Nov 2021Lake Louise (CAN)Downhill 
27 Nov 2021Lake Louise (CAN)Downhill 
28 Nov 2021Lake Louise (CAN)Super-G 
03 Dec 2021Beaver Creek (USA)Downhill 
04 Dec 2021Beaver Creek (USA)Super-G 
05 Dec 2021Beaver Creek (USA)Super-G 
11 Dec 2021Val d'Isère (FRA)Giant Slalom 
12 Dec 2021Val d'Isère (FRA)Slalom 
17 Dec 2021Gröden (ITA)Super-G 
18 Dec 2021Gröden (ITA)Downhill 
19 Dec 2021Alta Badia (ITA)Giant Slalom 
20 Dec 2021Alta Badia (ITA)Giant Slalom 
22 Dec 2021Madonna di Campiglio (ITA)Slalom 
28 Dec 2021Bormio (ITA)Downhill 
29 Dec 2021Bormio (ITA)Super-G 
06 Jan 2022Zagreb (CRO)Slalom 
08 Jan 2022Adelboden (SUI)Giant Slalom 

09 Jan 2022

Adelboden (SUI)Slalom 
14 Jan 2022Wengen (SUI)Downhill 
15 Jan 2022Wengen (SUI)Downhill 
16 Jan 2022Wengen (SUI)Slalom 
21 Jan 2022Kitzbühel (AUT)Downhill 
22 Jan 2022Kitzbühel (AUT)Downhill 
23 Jan 2022Kitzbühel (AUT)Slalom 
25 Jan 2022Schladming (AUT)Slalom 
06 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
08 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
10 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
13 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
Giant Slalom 
16 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
19 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
Team Parallel 
26 Feb 2022Garmisch (GER)Slalom 
27 Feb 2022Garmisch (GER)Slalom 
05 Mar 2022Kvitfjell (NOR)Downhill 
06 Mar 2022Kvitfjell (NOR)Super-G 
12 Mar 2022Kranjska Gora (SLO)Giant Slalom 
13 Mar 2022Kranjska Gora (SLO)Giant Slalom 
16 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Downhill 
17 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Super-G 
18 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Team Parallel 
19 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Giant Slalom 
20 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Slalom 

(Start times will be added as soon as they are fixed. Changes possible at any time.)

>> Print: World Cup Calendar 2021/2022 as PDF

Alpine Skiing World Cup 2021/2022 - Calendar Women

23 Oct 2021Sölden (AUT)Giant Slalom 
13 Nov 2021Lech Zürs (AUT)Parallel 
20 Nov 2021Levi (FIN)Slalom 
21 Nov 2021Levi (FIN)Slalom 
27 Nov 2021Killington (USA)Giant Slalom 
28 Nov 2021Killington (USA)Slalom 
03 Dec 2021Lake Louise (CAN)Downhill 
04 Dec 2021Lake Louise (CAN)Downhill 
05 Dec 2021Lake Louise (CAN)Super-G 
11 Dec 2021St. Moritz (SUI)Super-G 
12 Dec 2021St. Moritz (SUI)Super-G 
18 Dec 2021Val d'Isère (FRA)Downhill 
19 Dec 2021Val d'Isère (FRA)Super-G 
21 Dec 2021Courchevel (FRA)Giant Slalom 
28 Dec 2021Lienz (AUT)Giant Slalom 
29 Dec 2021Lienz (AUT)Slalom 
04 Jan 2022Zagreb (CRO)Slalom 
08 Jan 2022Maribor (SLO)Giant Slalom 
09 Jan 2022Maribor (SLO)Slalom 
11 Jan 2022Flachau (AUT)Slalom 
15 Jan 2022Zauchensee (AUT)Downhill 
16 Jan 2022Zauchensee (AUT)Super-G 
22 Jan 2022Cortina d'Ampezzo (ITA)Downhill 
23 Jan 2022Cortina d'Ampezzo (ITA)Super-G 
25 Jan 2022Kronplatz (ITA)Giant Slalom 
29 Jan 2022Garmisch (GER)Downhill 

30 Jan 2022

Garmisch (GER)Super-G 
07 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
Giant Slalom 
09 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
11 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
15 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
17 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
19 Feb 2022Yanqing (CHN)
Winter Olympics
Team Parallel 
26 Feb 2022Crans Montana (SUI)Downhill 
27 Feb 2022Crans Montana (SUI)Downhill 
05 Mar 2022Lenzerheide (SUI)Super-G 
06 Mar 2022Lenzerheide (SUI)Giant Slalom 
11 Mar 2022Åre (SWE)Giant Slalom 
12 Mar 2022Åre (SWE)Slalom 
16 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Downhill 
17 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Super-G 
18 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Team Parallel 
19 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Slalom 
20 Mar 2022Courchevel/Méribel (FRA)Giant Slalom 

(Start times will be added as soon as they are fixed. Changes possible at any time.)

Free Printable PDF Calendar

Feel free to download and print the calendar of the Alpine Skiing World Cup 2021/2022 comprising all dates and disciplines of both women and men.

>> Click here to download the PDF


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Remy Urs Zibung4 months ago
i look forward to watch this unique event daily. Hop Schwiiz
Scott Dillman6 months ago
After all the devastation caused by the China virus, ski racing should be cancelled in China and moved to another venue. The impacts to ski racing and skiing for a second season is unacceptable. ...
Al6 months ago

It already has been.

Duane Haley3 months ago

A very racists naming of the virus

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KevinH6 months ago
Check out streaming at
NBC Sports Gold Snow Pass content has moved to peacocktv
Fed5 months ago

Are you able to see the World Cup races through Or any other way?

Cynthia Shaw7 months ago
I can’t seem to find any way of watching the 2020-2021 FIS World Cup here in australia
Andrew5 months ago

We have been ripped off again by Foxtel.. there is no way of watching .FIS are crooks as well.

John4 months ago

I got my son in Europe to sign up to eurosport and I log in through a VPN

Dan7 months ago
Eurosport leaving Australia. How to watch FIS now in Oz?
Cynthia Shaw7 months ago

Did you find anything

gaz4 months ago

how did you go?

View all 5 comments
Connor8 months ago
Where can I watch the World Cup in the UK? I’m struggling to find anything.
Bob7 months ago


Andrew5 months ago

On Eurosport

Jelle8 months ago
Where can i watch the World Cup live in the Netherlands?
Kevin H8 months ago
Sunday 10/18 Mens GS Run 1 4AM EDT Run 2 7:15AM EDT
Kevin H8 months ago
Breaking news....US coverage of Soelden now available at
Link will activate prior to race
Saturday 10/17 Women’s GS Run1 4AM EDT, Run 2 7AM EDT
Sunday 10/18
Eric Z8 months ago

Is not blocked in the US? When I just went to it 12am ET, the site was blocked in “your location”. I would’ve happy to watch live or archived.

Beverley Kelly8 months ago
Could you please advise who will be transmitting the coverage of the ski season in Australia. Is it likely that it will be able to be viewed on youtube? I hope that Australians are not left out. T...
Bartholomew Cubbins8 months ago

Will any or all of the alpine racing events be available in the US market? I'm not sure, but it looks like NBC Sports Gold (Snow Pass) may have dropped the ball. Does anyone know?

Snow-Online8 months ago

For US market: Have a look at this website: .....For Australia: Unfortunately we do not know. In the last few years Eurosport has broadcasted some races in Australia. But for this year we can't find anything yet.

View all 3 comments
walter8 months ago
Are any of the races to be televised or live streamed?
Snow-Online8 months ago

It depends in which country you live. Eurosport broadcasts almost all races live on TV. Also public TV stations broadcast the races on TV and via livestream on the net, if winter sports are popular in this country.

Daniel8 months ago

Any cross-country races to be televised on free tv in Sweden or pay tv only?

View all 3 comments
Georgiann Phipps10 months ago
Where will I find ticket information for November 2020 Women’s World. Cup, Killington, VT?
Snow-Online10 months ago

There are currently no ticket information. It has not even been decided whether the races in North America can really take place because of Covid-19. In autumn we will have more information. Stay healthy!

Dion 3 Mar 2020
Interesting that almost all men’s cancelled races are rescheduled but not the women’s!

Very true.why is this


Because US skier Mikaela is now behind Brignoni and is coming back to the tour after a 6 week absence. Is Austrian skier (fill in the blank) was in this position they'd move heaven and earth to give her every opportunity to catch and pass Brignoni.

Carl Scholeson 2 Mar 2020
Could you confirm when the 2020/2021 dates will be announced

Hi Carl. The dates for 2020/2021 are set by the FIS at the end of May. We will publish them here on our calendar just after that. Andrea from Snow-Online

Paulaon 24 Feb 2020
Very good site thank you for keeping it up to date
P. Adamson 16 Feb 2020
Great site. Easy to follow. Gives me all the info I need. Keep of the great work. Thanks.
Dan morganon 12 Jan 2020
Easy to read and access perfect set up thank the ones responsible.
Sammy Skion 30 Oct 2019
very helpful schedule to download
A Manon 30 Oct 2019
Why is it "Men" and "Ladies". Men and Women please, or Gentlemen and Ladies...
(and don't blame FIS).

Yes, I agree from a view point of equality.


Is this about about political correctness or a very useful timetable, thank to the publishers.

View all 4 comments
TDon 22 Oct 2019
What network will the ladies races be on in the US?
Ed Whittemore

Doesn't look like NBC is televising it this year ... sad! You can see it by subscribing to a SnowPass on for about $70.


Im a big fan of skiiing but don't ski. I have been watching the competitions on the Olympic channel, FIOS in MD #91.

Rosemarie Ellison 21 Oct 2019
I am over 70, have never been on skis, but it is the only sport I enjoy watching on television. Last year I missed most of it, so I am very pleased to have your calendar. Thank you!
Chiho Hirasawaon 8 Oct 2019
I would like to purchase ticket for Madonna di Campiglio, But I don’t have some informations, Such as when and where it will be start selling for tickets. Do you have those informations?

Hi Chiho Hirasawa. At the moment there is no date for the start of ticket sales in Madonna di Campiglio. In the next weeks the homepage of the organizer will be updated. There you will find all information. Just check there from time to time:
Best regards, Andrea from Snow-Online

Larry Kightleyon 2 Oct 2019
Will it be very difficult at this stage being 2nd Oct to get tickets to the finals in Cortina d'Ampezzo and will accomodation be really tough to find...Will be my first time to see this type of ev...

Hi Larry. Ticket sales for the World Cup Finals will start on December 1, 2019. So you still have enough time. You can find lots of information about the World Cup Final here:
Best regards, Andrea from Snow-Online

Svetlozar Dimitrovon 12 Sep 2019
Hey! I will be in Courchevel on December 17, 2019, and I want to watch the Giant Slalom for women. Are there any tickets and seats where I can watch?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Svetlozar Dimitrov! Access to the finish area in Courchevel is free. More information about the program and VIP tickets with food & drinks can be found here in a few weeks:
Best regards, Andrea from Snow-Online

Jonny Goldsbroughon 7 Jan 2019
Incredibly helpful, thank you!
Antony Suttonon 29 Dec 2018
Hi , little help I am 50 next year and want to book my ski holiday for 2020 and watch some World Cup Races. Could you tell me when the dates are released for calendar so I can check and book early ...

Hi Antony. Yes, the races are usually on similar dates. But there are always a few exceptions. If you want to be on the safe side, wait until the end of May 2019. Then the new dates are set and published on our page. Best regards, Andrea from Snow-Online.

Australian Coverageon 27 Oct 2018
Hi Do you know if anyone is broadcasting these events on Australian TV or can I view (delayed time) on a streaming service?

Maybe Eurosport is an option. More details:

Manfred Walch

Normally Eurosport, but only if they feel like it and no other "more important event" is on!

View all 3 comments
Fred Gon 17 Oct 2018
So who is broadcasting the races on US tv?



I don't see anything on the NBC website.

View all 5 comments
Swiss skier in USAon 28 Nov 2017
Vielen Dank - finally a legible schedule !
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