Alpine Ski World Cup 2024/2025: All Dates and Venues

The Alpine Ski World Cup traditionally kicks off the new 2024/2025 season in October with the Giant Slalom in Sölden. Almost 90 races are on the programme until March. We have taken a look at the venues and listed all the dates and locations in table form below – including download function (PDF and iCal) and results. If there are any changes, they will be added as soon as possible.

Established venues and new safety rules

Schladming will once again host two races on the Planai this year.
Schladming will once again host two races on the Planai this year. © OK Weltcup Alpin Schladming - Raffalt/Huber

After the last season with numerous injuries, cancellations and postponements, the FIS is returning to the tried and tested. The number of new venues and new disciplines will be reduced, with familiar ski resorts appearing in the calendar instead.

No new attempt in Zermatt

Traditionally, the giant slalom for both genders starts on the last weekend of October in Sölden. As there will be no third attempt at the wind-prone Zermatt races, it will continue three weeks later in Levi and Gurgl, with both men and women being guests in both resorts for the first time.

The World Cup team will then fly to North America. However, after the men will only be guests there for one week in Beaver Creek, three weeks await the women with Killington, Tremblant and, for the first time, Beaver Creek.

This will be followed by all the classics such as Val Gardena/Gröden, Garmisch, Adelboden, Flachau, Schladming and Cortina. There will be a small surprise in the disciplines in Kitzbühel. After a three-year break, a Super-G will be held on the Streif again, sparing the racers the much-criticised double downhill on the difficult course.

World Ski Championships in Saalbach in February

The big highlight of the season will certainly be the World Ski Championships from 4 to 16 February 2025 in Saalbach. With the team combination (duos of downhill and slalom skiers), a new discipline will also celebrate its world premiere there, finally replacing the unpopular men's and women's individual combinations.

At the end of the season, the athletes are in for another little surprise. As one of the new World Cup venues, the FIS has chosen the tranquil Sun Valley in the USA as venue for the World Cup final.

Airbags mandatory for speed disciplines

In order to increase safety, airbags will be mandatory for all downhill and super-G skiers from the coming winter of 2024/25. In addition, there will be an explicit recommendation for cut-resistant underwear. This will then be mandatory for all disciplines from the 2025/26 season.

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Alpine Ski World Cup 2024/2025 - Calendar Men

27 Oct 2024Sölden (AUT)Giant Slalom 
17 Nov 2024Levi (FIN)Slalom 
23 Nov 2024Gurgl (AUT)Slalom 
06 Dec 2024Beaver Creek (USA)Downhill 
07 Dec 2024Beaver Creek (USA)Super-G 
08 Dec 2024Beaver Creek (USA)Giant Slalom 
14 Dec 2024Val d'Isère (FRA)Giant Slalom 
15 Dec 2024Val d'Isère (FRA)Slalom 
20 Dec 2024Val Gardena (ITA)Super-G 
21 Dec 2024Val Gardena (ITA)Downhill 
22 Dec 2024Alta Badia (ITA)Giant Slalom 
23 Dec 2024Alta Badia (ITA)Slalom 
28 Dec 2024Bormio (ITA)Downhill 
29 Dec 2024Bormio (ITA)Super-G 
08 Jan 2025Madonna di Campiglio (ITA)Slalom 
11 Jan 2025Adelboden (SUI)Giant Slalom 
12 Jan 2025Adelboden (SUI)Slalom 
17 Jan 2025Wengen (SUI)Super-G 
18 Jan 2025Wengen (SUI)Downhill 
19 Jan 2025Wengen (SUI)Slalom 

24 Jan 2025

Kitzbühel (AUT)Super-G 
25 Jan 2025Kitzbühel (AUT)Downhill 
26 Jan 2025Kitzbühel (AUT)Slalom 
28 Jan 2025Schladming (AUT)Giant Slalom 
29 Jan 2025Schladming (AUT)Slalom 
02 Feb 2025Garmisch (GER)Downhill 
04 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
Team Parallel 
07 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships


09 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
12 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
Team Combination 
14 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
Giant Slalom 
16 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
22 Feb 2025Crans Montana (SUI)Downhill 
23 Feb 2025Crans Montana (SUI)Super-G 
01 Mar 2025Kranjska Gora (SLO)Giant Slalom 
02 Mar 2025Kranjska Gora (SLO)Slalom 
08 Mar 2025Kvitfjell (NOR)Downhill 
09 Mar 2025Kvitfjell (NOR)Super-G 
15 Mar 2025Hafjell (NOR)Giant Slalom 
16 Mar 2025Hafjell (NOR)Slalom 
22 Mar 2025Sun Valley (USA)Giant Slalom 
23 Mar 2025Sun Valley (USA)Slalom 
25 Mar 2025Sun Valley (USA)Super-G 
27 Mar 2025Sun Valley (USA)Downhill 

(Start times = CET. Changes possible.)

>> PDF & Print: World Cup Calendar

>> iCal: World Cup Calendar


Alpine Ski World Cup 2024/2025 - Calendar Women

26 Oct 2024Sölden (AUT)Giant Slalom 
16 Nov 2024

Levi (FIN)

23 Nov 2024Gurgl (AUT)Slalom 
30 Nov 2024Killington (USA)Giant Slalom 
01 Dec 2024Killington (USA)Slalom 
07 Dec 2024Tremblant (CAN)Giant Slalom 
08 Dec 2024Tremblant (CAN)Giant Slalom 
14 Dec 2024Beaver Creek (USA)Downhill 
15 Dec 2024Beaver Creek (USA)Super-G 
21 Dec 2024St. Moritz (SUI)Super-G 
22 Dec 2024St. Moritz (SUI)Super-G 
28 Dec 2024Semmering (AUT)Giant Slalom 
29 Dec 2024Semmering (AUT)Slalom 
04 Jan 2025Kranjska Gora (SLO)Giant Slalom 
05 Jan 2025

Kranjska Gora (SLO)


11 Jan 2025St. Anton (AUT)Downhill 
12 Jan 2025St. Anton (AUT)Super-G 
14 Jan 2025

Flachau (AUT)

18 Jan 2025Cortina d'Ampezzo (ITA)Downhill 
19 Jan 2025Cortina d'Ampezzo (ITA)Super-G 
21 Jan 2025Kronplatz (ITA)Giant Slalom 
25 Jan 2025Garmisch (GER)Downhill 
26 Jan 2025Garmisch (GER)Super-G 
30 Jan 2025Courchevel (FRA)Slalom 
04 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
Team Parallel 
06 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
08 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
11 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
Team Kombi 
13 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
Giant Slalom 
15 Feb 2025Saalbach (AUT)
World Championships
22 Feb 2025Sestriere (ITA)Giant Slalom 
23 Feb 2025Sestriere (ITA)Slalom 
28 Feb 2025Kvitfjell (NOR)Downhill 
01 Mar 2025Kvitfjell (NOR)Downhill 
02 Mar 2025Kvitfjell (NOR)Super-G 
08 Mar 2025Åre (SWE)Giant Slalom 
09 Mar 2025Åre (SWE)Slalom 
15 Mar 2025La Thuile (ITA)Downhill 
16 Mar 2025La Thuile (ITA)Super-G 
22 Mar 2025Sun Valley (USA)Slalom 
23 Mar 2025Sun Valley (USA)Giant Slalom 
25 Mar 2025Sun Valley (USA)Super-G 
26 Mar 2025Sun Valley (USA)Downhill 

(Start times = CET. Changes possible.)

Free Download Center

Feel free to download and print the calendar of the Alpine Skiing World Cup  comprising all dates and disciplines of both women and men. You can also import the events into your calendar via iCal.

>> PDF & Print: World Cup Calendar

>> iCal: World Cup Calendar

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Henry Woods
2 months ago
Thank you Andrea! I have enjoyed your site this Winter and hope you will do it again next season.♡
Henry Woods
3 months ago
Thank you so much!
Henty Woods
3 months ago
Hi Andrea. On your site it says the Womens race on Sat was cancelled. My Swiss friend said it was changed to a SG? We are trying if Shiffrin has a chance for the overall. Do the finals in Salbach c...
Andrea Poschinger3 months ago

Hi Henry. The downhill race in Kvitfjell was changed to Super-G, because no training was possible. We have updated it on Friday. You can find the results in the list above. Shiffrin want to compete again in Are. She still has a chance of winning the overall World Cup. Of course, points are also awarded at the World Cup final.

3 months ago
Do you have a statistic of all the accidents which happend to top skiers, women and men
Andrea Poschinger3 months ago

Hi Peter. Sorry, but we don't have a statistic of all the accidents. Best regards, Andrea from Snow-Online

Henry Woods
3 months ago
Is Shiffrin going to wait till ARE to race?
Andrea Poschinger3 months ago

Hi Henry. Yes, Shiffrin will be back in the World Cup in Are.

Henry Woods
3 months ago
Thanks. You are awsome!
Happy Valentines day
Henry Woods
3 months ago
Hi Andrea. Last Season didn't. You have a link to the overall standings? Do you think Shiffrin will race in any of the upcoming speed events?
Andrea Poschinger3 months ago

Hi Henry. I have just added the link to the World Cup standings above. For the next season, we will also be creating our own overview with all the World Cup standings. Unfortunately, we don't have any further information on Mikaela Shiffrin. She will probably decide from week to week. This week she will definitely skip Crans Montana.

Henry Woods
4 months ago
Henry Woods
4 months ago
Hi Andrea. Thank you for doing your site. I check the results every day..I really appreciate it when you post the results the day of the race. Do you go to all the races?
Andrea Poschinger4 months ago

Hi Henry! Thanks for your message and please excuse the delay at the weekend. Best regards, Andrea

Anthony Eggleton
7 months ago

When do the tickets go on sale for the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup in Garmisch partenkirchen 27th & 28th January 2024. Many thanks. Anthony
Andrea Poschinger7 months ago

Hello Anthony, ticket sales in Garmisch have not yet started. You can find all informations on the website of Garmisch World Cup: https://www.skiweltcup-garmisch.com/home/kandahar/

8 months ago
Who is televising World Cup ski racing
Andrea Poschinger8 months ago

Hi Kelly. That depends on where you're from. In Europe, Eurosport broadcasts almost all races live on TV. In the USA, Ski and Snowboard Live (and NBC) will again stream many races. You can find informations about the USA broadcasts on the homepage of the ski association (https://usskiandsnowboard.org/follow/all-sports). Best regards, Andrea from Snow-Online.

maxine bedford
8 months ago
when will the bansko ski race tickets be sold and is it possible to purchase granbdstand/ vip tickets . Thank you
Snow-Online8 months ago

Hello Maxine. You can find all informations about Bansko on the official website: https://www.banskoworldcup.com/

9 months ago
When doesw the alpine ski season officially start every year I need a day and month
Andrea Poschinger9 months ago

Hi Aldil, first world cup race this year will take place in Sölden on October 28 and 29, 2023. Best regards, Andrea from Snow-Online

9 months ago
Hello how do I buy tickets for the Mens SuperG at Garmisch partenkirchen 27th 28th January 2024 many thanks.
Andrea Poschinger9 months ago

Hi Anthony. Ticket sale starts in autumn. Just check the official homepage from time to time during the next weeks: https://www.skiweltcup-garmisch.com/home/kandahar/ - Best regards, Andrea from Snow-Online

Denise Fiesel
11 months ago
How do I get tickets for Kitzbuhel?
Snow-Online11 months ago

Hi Denise. Ticket sale for Kitzbühel starts at the end of July. You can find all informations at this website: https://hahnenkamm.com/en/race-2024/ticketinfos/

Cheryl Ford
on 29/03/2023
When will you put out the 23/24 race schedule?

Hi Cheryl. We estimate end of May / early June.

Yvonne salts
on 19/10/2022
Are the start times Greenwich mean time or central European time

Hi Yvonne. Start times are CET (Central European Time).

on 6/10/2022
Hi Steve, so far, just doing an internet check, I found DAZN, (whatever that is, started in 2015) and also the TSN, (The Sports Network), out of Toronto, Canada, but don't quote me on that. ;-) It...

Today we finally got the information that Peacock will broadcast the opener in Sölden! Also US Ski & Snowboard has now finally published informations about it: http://usskiandsnowboard.org/follow/all-sports


Hi all, Races outside the USA and Austria will be available on www.skiandsnowboard.live platform. PPVs, Discipline Passes or All Season Passes available.

on 2/09/2022
Will the 2022-23 races be televised again on Peacock? (They're really the only reason I subscribe to that service). If not, anywhere else in the US? Thanks!

I have the same question!


Have the same question

View all 8 comments
Daisy D
on 6/07/2022
When do tickets usually go on sale for the upcoming season? I am wondering how far in advance I am able to plan to attend a race.

Hi Daisy. In most cases, ticket sales do not start until autumn.

on 17/02/2022
So what if it takes place in china, it is Alpine skiing. I haven't missed a race yet, men or women. Why miss the Olympics just because they are held in china. It is really good spectacle.
old bob
on 23/01/2022
go mikala your the best !!!
Billie Cowden
on 23/10/2021
Looking forward to all races , I’ll be at Beaver Creek
Monica Morrissey
on 22/10/2021
Where can I purchase tickets for the women's downhill events in Crans-Montana on February 26/27?

Hi Monica. You can find ticket prices and purchase options on the website of Crans Montana: https://www.skicm-cransmontana.ch/en/spectators/tickets-2022/

Martin Baket
on 20/10/2021
Good Morning
Where can I find ticket prices and purchase options for the Women’s event in Lienz for Dec 2021??
Or for any of the ski events in fact for season 2021/22
Thank You

Hi Martin. World Cup tickets for all events in Austria are available from the OESV ski association: https://www.oesv.at/der-osv/tickets/

Joseph Leiper
on 30/09/2021
YouTube TV offers FIS Alpine coverage, and some Nordic, Snowboarding as well. Will record chosen events and save for a while so can re-watch. Also fine ATP/WTA coverage, at least of the majors. Als...

Hi Joseph, which channel on YouTube TV is the FIS shown on?

Remy Urs Zibung
on 8/02/2021
i look forward to watch this unique event daily. Hop Schwiiz
on 21/11/2020
Check out streaming at peacocktv.com
NBC Sports Gold Snow Pass content has moved to peacocktv

Are you able to see the World Cup races through peacocktv.com/ Or any other way?

Cynthia Shaw
on 11/11/2020
I can’t seem to find any way of watching the 2020-2021 FIS World Cup here in australia

We have been ripped off again by Foxtel.. there is no way of watching .FIS are crooks as well.


I got my son in Europe to sign up to eurosport and I log in through a VPN

on 5/11/2020
Eurosport leaving Australia. How to watch FIS now in Oz?
Cynthia Shaw

Did you find anything


how did you go?

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on 18/10/2020
Where can I watch the World Cup in the UK? I’m struggling to find anything.



On Eurosport

Beverley Kelly
on 13/10/2020
Could you please advise who will be transmitting the coverage of the ski season in Australia. Is it likely that it will be able to be viewed on youtube? I hope that Australians are not left out. T...
Bartholomew Cubbins

Will any or all of the alpine racing events be available in the US market? I'm not sure, but it looks like NBC Sports Gold (Snow Pass) may have dropped the ball. Does anyone know?


For US market: Have a look at this website: https://usskiandsnowboard.org/follow/all-sports .....For Australia: Unfortunately we do not know. In the last few years Eurosport has broadcasted some races in Australia. But for this year we can't find anything yet.

View all 3 comments
on 25/02/2020
Very good site thank you for keeping it up to date
P. Adams
on 17/02/2020
Great site. Easy to follow. Gives me all the info I need. Keep of the great work. Thanks.
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Easy to read and access perfect set up thank the ones responsible.
Sammy Ski
on 30/10/2019
very helpful schedule to download
Rosemarie Ellis
on 21/10/2019
I am over 70, have never been on skis, but it is the only sport I enjoy watching on television. Last year I missed most of it, so I am very pleased to have your calendar. Thank you!
Jonny Goldsbrough
on 8/01/2019
Incredibly helpful, thank you!