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Nordic Combined World Cup 2019/2020: All Dates and Venues

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last update on Aug 22, 2019

First jump off the ski jumping hill and then do your best in the cross-country ski run: The Nordic Combined demands not only the athlete's fitness, but also his technical skills. We take a look at the new World Cup season 2019/2020 and have listed all dates and venues in a clearly arranged table. Of course there is also a PDF for downloading and printing the calendar.

This is how the races work

The competition day of the combiners always starts with ski jumping.
© The competition day of the combiners always starts with ski jumping.

24 World Cup events are on the programme for the combined athletes in the new season. Most will be held as individual races (Gundersen method): Each athlete jumps once from the jumping hill and then starts in the cross-country race over 5 or 10 kilometers. The first to enter the cross-country ski run is the leader of the jump. He is hunted by the competition, whose gap is calculated from the jump result: A lost meter on the jump is equivalent to a delayed start of 4.8 seconds.

There are also two types of team competition: one with four athletes per nation and one with two athletes per nation. 

Calendar World Cup Season 2019/2020

29.11.2019Ruka (FIN)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 142)
Cross-Country (5 km)
30.11.2019Ruka (FIN)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 142)
Cross-Country (10 km)
01.12.2019Ruka (FIN)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 142)
Cross-Country (10 km)
07.12.2019Lillehammer (NOR)n.v.Ski Jumping Team (HS 98)
Cross-Country (4x5km)
08.12.2019Lillehammer (NOR)n.v.

Ski Jumping (HS 140)
Cross-Country (10km)

21.12.2019Ramsau (AUT)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 96)
Cross-Country (10km)
22.12.2019Ramsau (AUT)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 96)
Cross-Country (10km)
10.01.2020Val di Fiemme (ITA)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 134)
Cross-Country (10km)
11.01.2020Val di Fiemme (ITA)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 134)
Cross-Country (10km)
12.01.2020Val di Fiemme (ITA)n.v.Ski Jumping Team (HS 134)
Cross-Country (2x7,5km)
25.01.2020Oberstdorf (GER)n.v.Ski Jumping Team (HS 98)
Cross-Country (4x5km)
26.01.2020Oberstdorf (GER)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 140)
Cross-Country (10km)
31.01.2020Seefeld (AUT)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 109)
Cross-Country (5km)
01.02.2020Seefeld (AUT)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 109)
Cross-Country (10km)
02.02.2020Seefeld (AUT)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 109)
Langlauf (15km)
08.02.2020Otepää (EST)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 100)
Cross-Country (10km)
09.02.2020Otepää (EST)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 100)
Cross-Country (10km)
22.02.2020Trondheim (NOR)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 138)
Cross-Country (10km)
23.02.2020Trondheim (NOR)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 138)
Cross-Country (10km)
29.02.2020Lahti (FIN)n.v.Ski Jumping Team (HS 130)
Cross-Country (2x7,5km)
01.03.2020Lahti (FIN)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 130)
Cross-Country (10km)
07.03.2020Oslo (NOR)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 134)
Cross-Country (10km)
14.03.2020Schonach (GER)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 106)
Cross-Country (10km)
15.03.2020Schonach (GER)n.v.Ski Jumping (HS 106)
Cross-Country (15km)

(All dates are subject to change. Time = CET)

Free Printable PDF Calendar

Feel free to download and print the calendar of the Nordic Combined World Cup 2019/2020 comprising all dates and disciplines.

>> Click here to download the PDF

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