Biathlon World Cup 2022/2023: Schedule, Dates and Venues

IBU has published the schedule for the winter of 2022/2023. We have taken a look at the new biathlon calendar and listed all World Cup dates with locations, start times and disciplines below. PDF for printing and iCal for calendar import are also included. If there are any changes, they will be added as soon as possible.

>> Teams and Athletes for 2022/2023

The Venues

The biathlon stadium in Oberhof was modernised for 35 million euros for the World Championships in February 2023.
The biathlon stadium in Oberhof was modernised for 35 million euros for the World Championships in February 2023. © IBU Media

Ten venues will host the Biathlon World Cup in the winter of 2022/2023, with only European destinations on the programme. Russian and Belarusian athletes and venues are not included, their ban was extended for the entire season due to the Ukraine war.

The season will kick off at the end of November in Kontiolahti, Finland. Afterwards, Hochfilzen (Tyrol) and Le Grand Bornand (France) will be visited in December. The World Team Challenge planned for the Christmas break is to take place again this year in the stadium on Schalke.

In January, the World Cup team will move on to Pokljuka (Slovenia), Ruhpolding (Bavaria) and Antholz (South Tyrol). The highlight of the season will be the World Championships in Oberhof in February 2023. Around 35 million euros have been invested in the expansion of the biathlon stadium in Thuringia.

After the World Championships, the World Cup will travel on to Nove Mesto (Czech Republic) and Östersund (Sweden) in March. The crowning finale with the awarding of the crystal balls will be the final at Holmenkollen in Oslo, Norway.

>> Standings Men and Women

Biathlon dates 2022/2023 – Overview

The season opener will take place in the forests of Kontiolahti, Finland.
The season opener will take place in the forests of Kontiolahti, Finland. © IBU Media
29 Nov – 04 Dec 2022
08 Dec – 11 Dec 2022
15 Dec – 18 Dec 2022
Le Grand BornandFrance
05 Jan – 08 Jan 2023
11 Jan – 15 Jan 2023
19 Jan – 22 Jan 2023
08 Feb – 19 Feb 2023
World Championships
02 Mar – 05 Mar 2023
Nove MestoCzech Republic
09 Mar – 12 Mar 2023
16 Mar – 19 Mar 2023

(All information is subject to change.)

Download the schedule of the IBU World Cup Biathlon:

>> PDF: Dates Biathlon World Cup

>> iCal: Dates Biathlon World Cup

Biathlon World Cup Kickoff Kontiolahti 2022

Start times and disciplines in Kontiolahti (Finland):

29 Nov 202213:15Individual Men 20 km
30 Nov 202213:15Individual Women 15 km
01 Dec 202211:00Relay Men 4 x 7,5 km
01 Dec 202213:35Relay Women 4 x 6 km
03 Dec 202210:45Sprint Men 10 km
03 Dec 202213:45Sprint Women 7,5 km
04 Dec 202212:15Pursuit Men 12,5 km
04 Dec 202214:15Pursuit Women Frauen 10 km

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Biathlon World Cup Hochfilzen December 2022

Start times and disciplines in Hochfilzen (Austria):

08 Dec 202214:10Sprint Women 7,5 km
09 Dec 202213:45Sprint Men 10 km
10 Dec 202211:30Pursuit Women 10 km
10 Dec 202213:40Relay Men 4 x 7,5 km
11 Dec 202211:30Relay Women 4 x 6 km
11 Dec 202214:15Pursuit Men 12,5 km

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Biathlon World Cup Grand Bornand December 2022

Start times and disciplines in Annecy - Le Grand Bornand (France):

15 Dec 202214:10Sprint Men 10 km
16 Dec 202214:15Sprint Women 7,5 km
17 Dec 202212:10Pursuit Men 12,5 km
17 Dec 202214:15Pursuit Women 10 km
18 Dec 202212:10Mass Start Men 15 km
18 Dec 202214:15Mass Start Women 12,5 km

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Biathlon World Cup Pokljuka January 2023

Start times and disciplines in Pokljuka (Slovenia):

05 Jan 202314:20Sprint Women 7,5 km
06 Jan 202314:20Sprint Men 10 km
07 Jan 202312:30Pursuit Women 10 km
07 Jan 202314:45Pursuit Men 12,5 km
08 Jan 202311:45Single Mixed Relay
08 Jan 202314:25Team Mixed Relay

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Biathlon World Cup Ruhpolding January 2023

Start times and disciplines in Ruhpolding (Germany):

11 Jan 202314:10Individual Men 20 km
12 Jan 202314:10Individual Women 15 km
13 Jan 202314:25Relay Men 4 x 7,5 km
14 Jan 202314:25Relay Women 4 x 6 km
15 Jan 202312:30Mass Start Men 15 km
15 Jan 202314:45Mass Start Women 12,5 km

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Biathlon World Cup Antholz January 2023

Start times and disciplines in Antholz (Italy):

19 Jan 202314:30Sprint Women 7,5 km
20 Jan 202314:30Sprint Men 10 km
21 Jan 202313:00Pursuit Women 10 km
21 Jan 202315:00Pursuit Men 12,5 km
22 Jan 202311:45Relay Women 4 x 6 km
22 Jan 202314:30Relay Men 4 x 7,5 km

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Biathlon World Championships Oberhof February 2023

Start times and disciplines in Oberhof (Germany):

08 Feb 202314:45Team Mixed Relay
10 Feb 202314:30Sprint Women 7,5 km
11 Feb 202314:30Sprint Men 10 km
12 Feb 202313:25Pursuit Women 10 km
12 Feb 202315:30Pursuit Men 12,5 km
14 Feb 202314:30Individual Men 20 km
15 Feb 202314:30Individual Women 15 km
16 Feb 202315:10Single Mixed Relay
18 Feb 202311:45Relay Men 4 x 7,5 km
18 Feb 202315:00Relay Women 4 x 6 km
19 Feb 202312:30Mass Start Men 15 km
19 Feb 202315:15Mass Start Women 12,5 km

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Biathlon World Cup Nove Mesto March 2023

Start times and disciplines in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic):

02 Mar 202316:10Sprint Men 10 km
03 Mar 202316:10Sprint Women 7,5 km
04 Mar 202313:50Pursuit Men 12,5 km
04 Mar 202315:45Pursuit Women 10 km
05 Mar 202311:30Team Mixed Relay
05 Mar 202315:15Single Mixed Relay

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Biathlon World Cup Östersund March 2023

Start times and disciplines in Östersund (Sweden):

09 Mar 202313:15Individual Women 15 km
09 Mar 202316:20Individual Men 20 km
11 Mar 202314:00Relay Women 4 x 6 km
11 Mar 202316:30Relay Men 4 x 7,5 km
12 Mar 202313:00Mass Start Women 12,5 km
12 Mar 202315:45Mass Start Men 15 km

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Biathlon World Cup Final Oslo March 2023

Start times and disciplines in Oslo (Norway):

16 Mar 202315:15Sprint Men 10 km
17 Mar 202315:20Sprint Women 7,5 km
18 Mar 202312:45Pursuit Men 12,5 km
18 Mar 202315:10Pursuit Women 10 km
19 Mar 202312:50Mass Start Men 15 km
19 Mar 202315:10Mass Start Women 12,5 km

(All information is subject to change. Time = CET)

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Schedule to go

Download the schedule of the IBU World Cup Biathlon 2022/2023:

>> PDF: Schedule Biathlon World Cup

>> iCal: Schedule Biathlon World Cup

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Haydn Birtwistle
3 days ago
Is the Biathlon World Cup being shown live on UK TV?
Michael Brouder
5 days ago
I live in the republic of Ireland,where can I watch the biathlon
1 week ago
Biathlon on discovery +. Go through amazon prime.
1 week ago
Hope the winter is good for skiing
1 week ago
Looks like British Eurosport isn’t showing biathlon this coming season.. Scottish snooker instead.. ????
Mark1 hour ago

This is very bad.

2 weeks ago
Are the Chinese, Koreans, Russians and Ukraineans not sending their teams?
2 weeks ago
Found this one for all skiing. But it's a streaming service which
3 weeks ago
The NBC Olympic channel doesn’t exist in the US anymore. Will Peacock still have the events on demand? Is there any other subscription service in the US?
Snow-Online2 weeks ago

Streaming service for all FIS events: https://www.snow-online.com/skimag/ski-and-snowboard-live-to-stream-250-fis-events-during-2022-23-season.htm

3 weeks ago
So if you live in the United States, there isn't a way to watch the 22-23 season???
Jennifer3 weeks ago

This is very upsetting for me.

1 month ago
Where can I watch biathlon 2022-2023 in USA?
Bruce3 weeks ago

NBC Peacock

1 month ago
Am I to understand that Peacock won’t have biathlon on for the upcoming season?
2 months ago
I lost the Olympic Channel in my cable lineup. Will biathlon be on Peacock in the USA?
Mfs1 month ago

Nope. And that sucks.

2 months ago
In the US, where can I watch on TV the 22-23 events? peacock app?
2 months ago
Where will I be able to watch the events on TV this year?
Snow-Online2 months ago

It depends on the country you live in. In Europe, the races are usually shown on Eurosport.

FlyingCloud013 weeks ago

Try Eurovisionsports.tv (online). Select International Biathlon. You’ll see the events, including zeroing, and can even re-watch previous year’s events. The commentary is in English. They don’t have Coach Salmela but that’s the only downside.

3 months ago
When will tickets go on sale for the Oslo biathlon races?
Snow-Online3 months ago

Hi Sara. Ticket sale for Oslo has not opened yet. You can find all informations here: https://holmenkollenskifestival.no/biathlon/

Richard Williams
on 13 Oct 2021
thank you for the in detailed events schedule from Ynyshir , South Wales
John Freitas
on 15 Mar 2021
Thank you for your biathlon schedules and updates. From Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA)
on 7 Oct 2020
That would be super cool if you could create a google calendar file with all those events detailled ! So that we'll only have to save it and then receive notifications before those race will start ...

Hi Marc-Antoine. We already have an ical function on our German version of this calendar (just change the language via the country flag). The English ical will follow in the next days.


The iCal feature is now online. :)

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