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The 5 best Ski Resorts in South Korea

1.High1 Resort
3.Deogyusan Ski Resort (Muju Resort)
4.Bears Town
5.Phoenix Park
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Skiing in South Korea

Since the 2018 Olympic Games, a new destination has appeared on the radar of all skiers: South Korea! 70 percent of the East Asian country is mountainous, with the highest mountain, the 1,950-meter-high Hallasan, located on the island of Jeju-do. Although the peaks of South Korea do not reach the 2,000-meter mark, they often offer steep terrain. In addition, Siberian cold air provides cool temperatures in winter and especially the north and east are often blessed with abundant snowfall.

The largest of the country's five mountain ranges is called Taebaek and stretches along the east coast. Yongpyong, the oldest ski resort in South Korea, is also located here. It was an olympic competition place of the alpine ski races in 2018. If you want to explore the longest or steepest runway of the country, visit the ski area Muju. Freestylers are at home in the Jisan Forest Resort, because the ski area offers a large halfpipe. All in all, winter sports enthusiasts in South Korea can choose between twelve ski resorts.

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