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105 of 151 trails open
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1 Day $159
5 Days $491
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65 of 187 trails open
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1 Day $157
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120 of 152 trails open
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1 Day $189
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2711 of 3994acres skiable terrain open
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1 Day $179
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125 of 169 trails open
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1 Day $155
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145 of 345 trails open
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1 Day $148
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251 of 271 trails open
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1 Day $169
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109 of 148 trails open
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109 of 129 trails open
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1 Day $128
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242 of 306 trails open
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1 Day $145
6 Days $583
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The 5 best Ski Resorts in the USA

2.Aspen Mountain
3.Winter Park Resort
4.Park City
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Tree Skiing and Champagne Powder

For many winter sport enthusiasts skiing in the US is a dream come true. The magnificent Rocky Mountains, the famous champagne powder snow and the legendary Back Bowls promise a first class skiing experience.

One of the most popular ski regions is Colorado. Big resorts like Vail and Beaver Creek, which were hosting the World Ski Championship 2015 are found there. Another big resort would be Aspen, known as the ski area of the rich and beautiful.

Many skiers and snowboarders are drawn to America because of tree skiing. You are able to race through the woods and around trees experiencing undiscovered terrain. In Europe tree skiing is forbidden. There is one other thing that distinguishes skiing in the US from skiing for example in the Alps – the snow. Special weather conditions provide extremely dry snow. This famous powder snow is heaven on earth for every skier!

Champagne Powder is especially common in the Rocky Mountains. In Utah the snow is also exceptionally dry, because the clouds lose all the water on their way over the desert. Utah is one of the top ski regions in the country – you could say tied in first place with Colorado. The town of Park City alone offers three top ski resorts. Ever since the combination of Park City Mountain Resorts and The Canyons it is now the largest ski area in North America. Especially for freestyle skiing the journey is definitely worth it. The gigantic Back Bowls offer top conditions for skiing in deep powder snow. And if that doesn’t get your blood pumping there are un-groomed Double Black Diamond pistes to master.

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Travel Deals & Tips
Travel Deals & Tips
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