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Biathlon World Cup: Total Score Men and Women

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last update on 18 Feb 2019

Who will win this season's IBU Biathlon World Cup 2018/19? Find all scores for total, sprint, pursuit, relay and mass start for women and men below.

>> World Cup Biathlon Schedule

Biathlon Total Score – Men

1Johannes T. Boe (NOR)979
2Alexander Loginov (RUS) 645
3Simon Desthieux (FRA)636
4Quentin Fillon Maillet (FRA)596
5Simon Eder (AUT) 569
6Martin Fourcade (FRA)  554
7Antonin Guigonnat (FRA)527
8Arnd Peiffer (GER)508
9Lukas Hofer (ITA)500
10Julian Eberhard (AUT)489

Biathlon Total Score – Women

1Lisa Vittozzi (ITA) 713
2Dorothea Wierer (ITA)706
3Marte O. Roeiseland (NOR)640
4Anastasiya Kuzmina (SVK) 620
5Kaisa Makarainen (FIN)545
6Paulina Fialkova (SVK)526
7Monika Hojnisz (POL)468
8Iryina Kryoko (BLR)427
9Hanna Öberg (SWE)423
10Anais Chevalier (FRA)421
11Franziska Hildebrand (GER) 392

Biathlon Sprint Score – Men and Women

1J. Boe (NOR)394L. Vittozzi (ITA)289
2A. Loginov (RUS)264M. Roeiseland (NOR)272
3S. Desthieux (FRA)262D. Wierer (ITA)269
4B. Doll (GER)237A. Kuzmina (SVK) 251
5A. Guigonnat (FRA)229K. Makarainen (FIN)242
6T. Boe (NOR)203M. Hojnisz (POL)203
7S. Eder (AUT)195

A. Chevalier (FRA)

8M. Fourcade (FRA)193P. Fialkova (SVK)180
9L. Hofer (ITA)192J. Simon (FRA)168
10J. Eberhard (AUT)191I. Kryoko (BLR)152

Biathlon Pursuit Score – Men and Women

1J. Boe (NOR)315D. Wierer (ITA) 277
2A. Loginov (RUS)250L. Vittozzi (ITA)270
3Q. Fillon Maillet (FRA)238K. Makarainen (FIN)228
4S. Desthieux (FRA)228M. Roiseland(NOR)226
5L. Hofer (ITA) 207A. Kuzmina (SVK)211
6S. Eder (AUT)198P. Fialkova (SVK) 148
7A. Guigonnat (FRA)190I. Kryoko (BLR)148
8A. Peiffer (GER)187F. Hildebrand (GER)144
9B. Weger (SUI)184L. Haecki (SUI)143
10M. Fourcade (FRA)183D. Herrmann (GER)140

Biathlon Mass Start Score – Men and Women

1J. Boe (NOR)174P. Fialkova (SVK)127
2Q. Fillon-M. (FRA)162H. Oeberg (SWE)117
3A. Peiffer (GER)127A. Kuzmina (SVK)108
4M. Fourcade (FRA)118D. Wierer (ITA)105
5E. Garanichev (RUS)109V. Hinz (GER)104
6J. Eberhard (AUT)105M. Brorsson (SWE)103
7B. Weger (SUI)101I. Tandrevold (NOR)102
8S. Desthieux (FRA)97I. Kryoko (BLR)100
9S. Eder (AUT)90F. Preuss (GER)96
10V. Christiansen (NOR)89M. Röiseland (NOR)93

Biathlon Individual Score – Men and Women

1J. T. Boe (NOR)96M. Davidova (CZE)102
1S. Eder (AUT)86L. Vittozzi (ITA)86
3V. Christiansen (NOR)84P. Fialkova (SVK)71
4L. Birkeland (NOR)74M. Hojnisz (POL)64
5M. Fourcade (FRA)60F. HIldebrand (GER)62
6A. Loginov (RUS)60Y. Dzhima (UKR)60
7J. Kühn (GER)59T. Eckhoff (NOR)60
8C. Gow (CAN)56L. Hauser (AUT)58
9E. Lesser (GER)52D. Wierer (ITA)55
10S. Desthieux (FRA)49F. Preuss (GER)54

Biathlon Relay Score – Men and Women

7Czech Republic151Czech Republic148
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