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Cross-Country Skiing Lahti

Trail Map Lahti

The Cross-Country Area

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Approximately 100 kilometers north of Helsinki lies the city of Lathi. 170 km of trails await ambitious cross-country skiers under the best of conditions. 145 km of this are part of the Salpausselkä route network. The trails start right in the city center. If you do not have your own equipment, you can rent everything you need at the Messilä Ski Center in Hollola or at the Pajulahti Sport Center in Nastola.

In 2017, the Nordic Skiing World Championship took place in Lathi.

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Interesting facts

  • The cross-Country skiing area takes you to an elevation of 486 ft.



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Bruce Wharrie
on 22 Feb 2023
Poorly mapped and trail signed. Only designed for expert skiers.

Weather (528 ft)


Elevation486 ft - 486 ft
Skating 31.07 miles
Classic 105.63 miles
Lighted trails N/A