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last update on Jul 21, 2021
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Service 8 / 10
Overall: 86 / 100
  • State of the art lifts
  • Ski rental at the base
  • Easy to orientate
  • Well groomed slopes

    Modern Lift System and great slopes

    The range of services provided at the ski resort Sölden are consistently great. You only rarely lose track of where you are and there are plenty of info boards to help you stay on the right path! Be careful though when you traverse the connection between the Giggijoch and the Rettenbachgletscher – when it's foggy it can be quite a challenge. The resort attaches great importance to keeping the lift facilities modern and updated. In the past couple of years the ski resort invested a lot into renovations and replacements of older lift equipment. The chairlifts are for the most part cutting-edge and can hold either four, six or eight people. A special highlight is the 3-Seil-Umlaufbahn (aerial lift) up to the Gaislachkogl at 3.040 meters (9973.8 ft). From the valley there are only modern gondolas taking you up to the mountains. But since Sölden is one of the more famous ski resorts it can come to longer waiting periods from time to time. The pistes are freshly prepared each night and due to the height and the snow making facilities the pistes are in perfect condition for when you start you ski day. At almost every corner in the city you're able to find a ski rental place. Down at the base station there are many different rental places to chose from where you can rent skis and snowboards. The advantage: even within the ski area there are rental places to be found, like at the Giggijoch. At the Rettenbachgletscher you'll even find a so-called 'Testcenter' where the most famous brands such as Atomic, Salomon or Head are represented. You have tons of parking possibilities in Sölden. At both base stations of the Giggijochbahn gondola and the Gaislachkoglbahn gondola there are large parking garages available. During glacier season you will also find parking options very close to the slopes at the glaciers Rettenbachgletscher and Tiefenbachgletscher.


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    Theresa Schwickert
    Skill: n.V. • in Jan 2016
    Travelled as: n.V.
    The signposting is very good, every slope is excellent with number and also limited to the side, so you never get off the piste. With many lift exits there are piste plans, but also again and again... Read complete review
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