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On Mountain Dining 8 / 10
Overall: 86 / 100
  • Broad variety of cuisines
  • Mountain huts in every area of the resort
  • Many mountain huts
  • Charming mountain huts
  • Mountain huts with beautiful vista

    Follow the footsteps of James Bond!

    The range of gastronomic facilities in the ski resort Sölden is relatively diverse. Around the glaciers Rettenbachgletscher and Tiefenbachgletscher but also around the Giggijoch there are large restaurants which are mostly for pleasing as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time – not a lot of ambiance. The full-service restaurant "Wirtshaus Giggijoch" is drowned among these large restaurants. At this smaller restaurant you will find mostly regional specialties. If you want your food served with a view the restaurant “Schwarzkogl” is the place for you. The stunning Rettenbachgletscher can be admired perfectly from this restaurant. At the so-called “Tiroler Stube” at the Gaislachkogl intermediate station the entertainment level is at an all-time high! Every Wednesday they offer live music, fireworks and even night skiing! An absolute highlight would be the Ice Q at the Gaislachkogl (3.048 Meter/10000 ft) built in 2013. The rectangular glazed cube is from an architectural point of view simply spectacular. From there you have probably the best view in the entire ski resort with many three thousand meter-high mountains and the Stubaier Alps posing for a picture. But not only the view from up there is terrific. The fantastic gourmet kitchen at the ICE Q Gaislachkogl offers a welcome change to the mainstream and fast food they serve at most of the mountain huts. The Ice Q even served as a film backdrop for the James Bond movie “Spectre”.


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    Eduard Fößleitner (Age: 61-70)
    Skill: Advanced • in Oct 2020
    Travelled as: Family
    Perfectly all right!
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    Isabell Sauer
    Isabell Sauer (Age: 26-30)
    Skill: Pro • in Apr 2018
    Travelled as: Group
    There are numerous refreshment possibilities in the ski resort. There are two large self-food restaurants on the two glaciers. The new restaurant at the Rettenbach Glacier, where the escalator goes... Read complete review
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