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last update on Jul 21, 2021
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Family 7 / 10
Overall: 86 / 100
  • Enough slopes for beginner
  • Kids areas
  • Wide offering of ski schools and nurseries
  • Expensive for families

Sölden is a ski resort for families

The ski resort Sölden has top scores in the categories Après Ski and Advanced Skiers. This clearly shows that it is NOT (necessarily) suited for families. The ski resort lies high above the city center and is a lot harder to reach with smaller children. Sölden is a pulsating community with a large nightlife, loud parties and a lot of traffic - those aren't top conditions for a family resort. Despite these factors the ski resort Sölden tries hard to include features for everyone, including families with children. At the Giggijoch there are two Kidsparks (children's areas) which are operated and run by the ski schools. For children from 3 years onwards the ski schools offer programs for supervision. The parents can go ski up and down the pistes around the Giggijoch area and yet never lose sight of their little ones. In the district of Sölden called Innerwald there is a smaller children's area. The advantage here is that the commute to the Kinderland is much shorter seeing as you only have to take the Standseilbahn as compared to a gondola ride up the mountain. The ski resort itself has some blue marked pistes for first attempts on “real slopes”. From the Kinderland at the Giggijoch you simply take the 8-seat chair lift and you'll have a super long and broad ski highway in front of you. Even broader are the pistes at the glacier Tiefenbachgletscher. The disadvantage here is that you can't reach the glacier during the winter months without difficulty. In Sölden there are lots of family friendly accommodations and holiday apartments.


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