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      Overall score:
      71 / 100

      Mt Hutt - Powder Paradise in New Zealand

      „Mt Hutt Ski Area“ right above the ski village Methven is due to its proximity to the pacific ocean known to be one of the snow surest ski resorts in the southern hemisphere. When the notorious “Southern-Storms” sweep over the South Island of New Zealand the region around Mt Hutt is turned into a true powder paradise. And when then the sun returns and opens up the unique view of the “Canterbury Plains” up to the “Southern Pacific Ocean” (the ocean between Antarctica and New Zealand) it becomes clear that skiing in New Zealand has nothing in common with European ski hype. Only three lift facilities take the winter tourists up and around Mt Hutt (one of the largest ski resorts in New Zealand). Due to the bowl-like disposition of the ski resort these lifts give access to 365 hectares of slopes which turn into beautiful powder runs when there is good snow cover. Therefore Mt Hutt is an absolute “must do” for all skilled skiers in New Zealand.