Ski Resort Mt Hutt in Mid Canterbury: Position on map

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Category Advanced: Official review by Snow-Online.com
      Advanced 8 / 10
      Overall score: 71 / 100

      Mt Hutt - a challenging ski resort with ocean view!

      Mt Hutt will definitely leave a lasting impression even on those who have seen a lot of ski resorts!! No other ski resort offers views of such different and contradictory landscapes. At the mountain station of the “Summit Six” chairlift you can gaze at the almost 3000 high mountains of the Southern Alps. In the west lie the seemingly surreal Plains of Ashburton and Christchurch (Caterbury Plains), the volcanic mountains of the “Banks Peninsula” and the Pacific Ocean. Skilled skiers that prefer groomed terrain to pristine slopes can choose between the intermediate (marked blue) slopes “Broadway”, “Hubers Run”, “Morning Glory” and “International”. But the best Mt Hutt has to offer are definitely the black (difficult) powder runs that lead down from the “Virgin Mile Ridge” or the very challenging ski routes in the South Face Area (see trail map). Those that are skilled enough to master these descents will certainly consider Mt Hutt one of the nicest resorts in New Zealand.