Ski Resort Mt Hutt in Mid Canterbury: Position on map

Review Mt Hutt: Beginner Skiing

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Category Beginner: Official review by Snow-Online.com
      Beginner 6 / 10
      Overall score: 71 / 100

      The majority of the slopes at Mt Hutt is too demanding for beginners!

      Mt Hutt has committed itself to off-piste fun. The only easy trail to be found in the entire ski resort is the “Waeggo” trail (marked green). Right at the base of “Summit Six” chairlift a magic carpet takes the novice skiers and boarders up the short practicing slope. Those who want to discover more than just the two beginner friendly slopes must venture into intermediate grounds (marked blue). However the descents “Hubers Run”, “Fascination” and “Morning Glory” are a bit too challenging for beginners, let alone the beautiful but very difficult ungroomed powder runs that surround the groomed terrain. A great idea is the beginner ticket which is reduced in price and gives access to only the gentle terrain. And the so called “starter pack” includes lift ticket and some lessons at the local ski school. Conclusion: beginners can spend some nice hours at Mt Hutt and slide around the novice terrain. But in order to enjoy the truly beautiful slopes, experience in the downhill sports department is essential.