Ski Resort Mt Hutt in Mid Canterbury: Position on map

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Category Family: Official review by Snow-Online.com
      Family 6 / 10
      Overall score: 71 / 100

      Practicing area at the base but very challenging terrain!

      A glance at the trail map shows that the majority of the terrain at Mt Hutt is of difficult level. These (oftentimes ungroomed) slopes are quite demanding and are solely for experienced skiers. We recommend families with small kids to purchase the “Starter Pack”. It includes a reduced ticket that gives access to only the gentle terrain and lessons at the local ski school. And while the kids are well taken care of parents can go explore the difficult terrain around the “North Peak” of Mt Hutt. Right at the base of the “Summit Six” chairlift a magic carpet can be found, the perfect beginner lift. Unfortunately we can not recommend parents to explore the resort together with their kids. The majority of the slopes are simply to challenging for children.