Ski Resort Mt Dobson in South Canterbury: Position on map

Review Mt Dobson: Backcountry Skiing

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10 months ago
Freeride 5 / 10
Overall: *41 / 60
*6 out of 10 categories rated

    Experts are better off at other ski resorts!

    Even though 25% of the terrain at Mt Dobson is indicated as difficult (black) the resort can’t really compete in the expert category with the larger ski resorts around Queenstown. The black marked trails around the t-bar is the best terrain for experts. However these trails are not among the most challenging trails to be found in New Zealand and are relatively short with an average length of one km. Conclusion: Those visiting Mt Dobson because of the tranquillity and the breathtakingly beautiful mountain scenery will definitely not be disappointed, however those looking for some thrilling skiing experience won’t find that at Mt Dobson.


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