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10 months ago
Après Ski 4 / 10
Overall: *41 / 60
*6 out of 10 categories rated

    How about a cappuccino in the great outdoors!

    Mt Dobson can not really be called an après ski hot spot. It is quite obvious why when you glance at the deserted “Fairlie Basin” and the tranquil resort. The town Fairlie is a 20 km drive away and provides some cosy restaurants and bars, however the atmosphere stays pretty calm. In the ski resort the Foote Family pampers the guests with cappuccinos and snacks in the Cafeteria. When the weather is nice you can enjoy your coffee and sandwiches outside on benches provided for that purpose. Due to the missing night life however we unfortunately can not award Mt Dobs with more than 2 stars in the après ski category.


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