Ski resort Mt Dobson in South Canterbury: Position on map

Review Mt Dobson: Family Skiing

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1 year ago
Families 9 / 10
Overall: *41 / 60
*6 out of 10 categories rated

    Mt Dobson: one of the most family friendly ski resorts of the southern hemisphere!

    For families with small kids Mt Dobson definitely should be your first choice ski resort! The familiar atmosphere in this small ski resort makes a family stay on the mountain an unforgettable experience. Mt Dobson provides the largest novice area in New Zealand, the “Learners Area” at the “Platter” tow lift. You can be sure that your kids will not get bored! Kids that have had skiing or boarding experience can definitely ski the intermediate terrain around the “Triple Chairlift”. Families will have a wonderful time exploring the ski resort together. Only the difficult terrain in the “Downhill” area (see trail map) is too challenging for small children. At the base a small ski school is situated where kids can be dropped off. Families looking for a tranquil skiing vacation in New Zealand’s pristine mountains will get their moneys worth at Mt Dobson. And how practical that ticket fees at Mt Dobson are considerably lower than in the ski resorts around Queenstown.


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