Ski resort Mt Dobson in South Canterbury: Position on map

Review Mt Dobson: Beginner Skiing

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1 year ago
Beginner 9 / 10
Overall: *41 / 60
*6 out of 10 categories rated

    New Zealand`s largest novice area at Mt Dobson

    Mt Dobson is novice paradise! The „Learner`s Area” right above the parking lot features a short tow lift and the “Platter 1” t-bar. There novices can practice in peace and among their kin. For those who have obtained some security on skis or board we recommend the slopes at the “Triple Chairlift”. In fact only 25 % of Mt Dobson`s terrain is indicated as easy (in New Zealand green) but also the intermediate terrain (marked blue) we think is perfectly suitable for less experienced skiers. Those wanting some professional help in the skiing skills department can attend the ski school located at the base. It’s all very familiar that’s why it is not necessary to book classes before hand. Just ask for private- or group lessons and in no time at all you’ll be skiing the slopes accompanied by an expert.


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