Ski Resort Grand Targhee in the Grand Teton National Park: Position on map

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      Deep snow swimming in the lightest powder in the world!

      The American Rocky Mountains are known for having the driest and lightest powder in the world. The fact that Grand Targhee with its possible world record 43 feet (13m) of snowfall per year gets the most of any resort in the US, is no small advantage. Grand Targhee is a virtual mecca for freeriders and powder fans. Jackson Hole (about a one hour drive away) may have the more challenging runs, but in exchange Grand Targhee’s beautiful backcountry slopes are much less crowded. One good example is the guided cat skiing area above the Sacajawea lift, where the extremely steep double diamond runs Bobcat, Reliable, Toilet Bowl and Das Boat begin their descents into the valley. But before launching yourself down one of these, be aware that they are only for very advanced skiers. Right smack in the middle of them you’ll find 2-4 meter rock patches to test your abilities. The only way to get past them is to jump over them into the powder beneath. Slightly less difficult are the diamond runs The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Chief Joseph Bowl between the Dreamcatcher and Blackfoot lifts.

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