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      Family 9 / 10
      Overall score: *43 / 60
      *6 out of 10 categories rated

      Grand Targhee: Top family resort in Wyoming.

      Wyoming, the land of the Shoshones and Blackfoot indians. Where the elk and deer graze on the side of the road. With a little luck you might even sight some bison und eagles. The fact that a trip to the USA’s wild west is an unforgettable experience for kids probably goes without mentioning. If you’d like to make skiing a part of your family vacation, we can wholeheartedly recommend a trip to Grand Targhee. If your children are still small and don’t have much experience on skis, you’ll be happy to find the kids’ and beginners’ area with bunny slope off of the Shoshone chair lift. Here your kids can break in their ski legs with the help of the magic carpet lift and then go explore one of the various theme trails in the kids park. Since Grand Targhee offers reasonably-priced full and half-day day care (just ask at the activity center at the base), parents can be free to spend a day exploring the more challenging trails around the Dreamcatcher, Blackfoot and Sacajawea lifts without having to worry about the little ones.

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