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      Bring your snorkel?

      Grand Targhee’s marketing team likes to toot their deep snow horn by implying all over the place that you’ll be swimming in so much powder here that you might just need a snorkel. Snorkel’s cafe in the valley even has a life-sized picture of a skier wearing one. But all exaggerations aside, the fact is that Grand Targhee’s 43 feet (13m) of snowfall a year are the most of any ski resort in the US. But we did get by without a snorkel! If you like off-piste, you’re going to love the heaps of dryer-than-dust powder here at Grand Targhee. And since the upper part of the ski area lies above the tree line, you’ll find wide open powder runs all over the place. But even if it’s groomed carving runs you prefer, you’ll be well-served at Grand Targhee. After taking the Dreamcatcher up the mountain, you’ll find a variety of intermediate runs to choose from. Our favorite carving run: the long Dreamweaver trail off of the Sacajawea lift weaves its way through the Targhee National Forest like a perfect white ribbon. And if you’re planning on staying in the area for a while, take advantage of the opportunity to check out the nearby Jackson Hole resort.

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