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      49 / 60
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      Crested Butte: Great all-around resort in a breathtaking setting

      Unlike the world famous Vail resorts (Vail, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek,...), Crested Butte does not lie directly on Interstate 70. Coming from Denver, it takes at least four hours to reach its slopes by car, which makes this ski area in Gunnison County not only the most difficult to reach, but also provides it with some of the most breathtaking natural surroundings. The particularly sharp peak of Mt Crested Butte looks out over the East River Valley with Kebler Pass to its west and the between eight and ten thousand foot peaks (3000m) of the Gothic Mountains closing off the valley to the north. Yet the incredible views are not the only things that make Crested Butte worth a visit. It may not be as large as the competition in Aspen or Vail with its 472 hectares, but the well-varied trails will be enough to keep things interesting for even more advanced skiers.

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