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      Terrain Parks 9 / 10
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      Freeriding and freestyle both great!

      Snowboarding is of much higher importance in America than it is in Europe, which is why practically every ski area there has quite a bit to offer for snowboarders and freestylers. Crested Butte is no exception. Start off your air & style there with the smaller jumps in the Painter Boy Terrain Park off the chairlift of the same name. The DC terrain park on Canaan, designed especially for intermediate freestylers lets you step it up a bit. About 1640 feet (500m) up mountain from the park a gigantic superpipe should take care of making the rest of your dreams come true. The Keystone Jib Park on the lower part of the Keystone trail provides snowboarders with plenty of rails and boxes. As we mentioned in the category Experts/Freeriders, the off-piste possibilities in Crested Butte are excellent. The selection of groomed slopes is diverse and should keep you entertained for a day or two.

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