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      60% intermediate slopes ...

      Carving buffs and pleasure skiers are going to love that. The Silver Queen Express lift takes the winter athletes up to the steep carving slopes including Keystone, Ruby Chief and Paradise Bowl. Even the numerous intermediate (blue in the USA) runs off of the Gold Link and Prospect lifts provide great carving fun. If you'd rather spend your time off-piste, try the double diamond runs off the North Face lift. We personally found these trails to be extremely challenging and at the end of them you have no choice but to either walk or skate back to the ski area. Crested Butte will definitely be able to float your boat for a good two to three days if you are a good skier, particularly due to its incredible location on the breathtaking Mt. Crested Butte. If your vacation's going to be any longer than that, however, you might look at Aspen or Vail, where you'll find a better variety of trails.

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