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Review Winsport - Canada Olympic Park Calgary: Average Snow Conditions

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Category Snow: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Enough snow guns
  • Long season
  • Weather conditions not beneficial
  • No glacier skiing
  • Not located at high altitude
Snow 6 / 10
Overall score: *45 / 70
*7 out of 10 categories rated

Snowmaking Helps Extending the Season

What else could we say than: Winsport makes the best out of its altitude! Due to its lack of snowfall and many high-temperature Chinook winds throughout the year, Winsport relies on artificial snowmaking instead of Mother Nature. As it is not considered a snow-sure destination at an altitude from 3,710 ft to 4,100 ft, the ski resort has improved its snowmaking technique to be able to open in November and extend the season until the beginning of April, which is 140 days in total.

More snow guns could fill even more areas of the hill that would need snow coverage. Currently, the snow guns are utilized at both the beginner run and tube park, which means that more challenging runs mostly rely on natural snow coverage.

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