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Review Winsport - Canada Olympic Park Calgary: Family Skiing

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Category Family: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Enough easy slopes at the base station
  • Enough slopes for beginner
  • Affordable for families
  • Kids areas
  • Wide offering of ski schools and nurseries
    Family 8 / 10
    Overall score: *45 / 70
    *7 out of 10 categories rated

    Families Love Winsport Olympic Park

    Winsport Olympic Park is very well-suited for families with kids, as it takes “family-friendly“ to the next level. Due to its small size and short runs, the focus here clearly lies on beginner skiing. Some designated blue and green runs make for great fun on the slopes for ski newbies, both young and old.

    Located right next to the base area, beginners will find several magic carpets making for great fun going uphill. Plus, the ski school's friendly attendants are always on hand, so skiers and riders of all age groups will find their ski legs and shred down the slopes soon enough. Meanwhile, parents can stop by at the restaurant or enjoy some alone-time on the slopes. For those who don't enjoy skiing, there is a tube park to spend some time at.

    In Winsport, each and every family gets their money's worth. However, it is unfortunate that their is no real kids zone as known from ski resorts in the US and Europe; hence, an extension of the beginner area is recommended. In addition, the chairlifts are everything but state-of-the-art; neither do they have weather protection covers nor foot rests for ski or snowboards. Plus, there is no variety for skiers who consider themselves on the more experienced side, which is a bummer.

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