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Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Great value for money
  • Lots of easy terrain
  • Some older lifts
  • Après-Ski could be better
  • Few areas for kids to practice
  • Limited variety of slopes
  • Limited terrain for advanced skiers
  • Snow might be limited sometimes
Overall score:
45 / 70
*7 out of 10 categories rated

Perfect for a Family Day Trip

The Winsport ski area, only 20 minutes away from Calgary when traveling by car, offers a wide range of runs that suit all levels and are thus great for families with beginner skiers among them. You'd like to get rid of your skis for a couple of hours? The Acura Tube Park is a great spot to spend the day.

Experts may want to push themselves to new heights on the expert-only runs; however, they will also need to be satisfied with quite short and less varied slopes. Fans of freeride skiing, après-ski and mountain huts will be disappointed, as those three come up short. Then again, freestyle skiers - both beginners and experts - will find a great amount of tubes, rails and even a halfpipe.

Families who are mainly coming from Calgary will certainly spend a nice day in this ski area. The prices are reasonable and all of the beginners' areas are equipped with magic carpets, but the ski resort's chairlifts are in great need of improvement when it comes to comfort and thus are not able to keep up with European standards.

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