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Review Winsport - Canada Olympic Park Calgary: Expert Skiing

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Category Advanced: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Enough runs for experts
  • Partly outdated lifts
  • Small ski resort
  • No ski circuit
  • Little variety of runs
Advanced 3 / 10
Overall score: *45 / 70
*7 out of 10 categories rated

Only Few Variety and Outdated Lift System

Although, Winsport is highly praised in terms of beginner skiing, advanced skiers and riders are offered only limited options with few variety. Hence, this ski resort is not one of the first choices for seasoned skiers: There are only few black and double diamond runs, which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Plus, these runs are quite short, which means that you master these in no time.

In total, there are only 13 runs (some of them in the beginner area served by magic carpets), which does not make for endless fun on the slopes, as the size of the ski resort is simply limited. The focus here is laid mainly on families with kids or plain beginners skiing for pleasure. Seasoned skiers and riders will explore all of the ski resort's runs and slopes in less than an hour. (Yes, you read that right!)

In addition, the 88 Express and Legacy Chair chairlifts are not state-of-the-art and rather outdated. Not comfy at all and simply way too old, Legacy Chair is only equipped with a safety bar: no child safety lock, no foot rest for your skis or snowboard.

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