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Review Winsport - Canada Olympic Park Calgary: Freestyle Skiing

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Category Terrain Parks: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • One or more terrain parks available
  • Obstacles for beginners and experts
  • Lift to the terrain park
  • Adequate set-up in the terrain park
  • Changing set-up
    Terrain Parks 6 / 10
    Overall score: *45 / 70
    *7 out of 10 categories rated

    Two Terrain Parks and Halfpipes

    Despite its size, Winsport offers two terrain parks, Progression Park and Winsport Terrain Park, and the 22 feet Under Armour Super Pipe, with 548 feet in length, which is the largest pipe in western Canada.

    Progression Park features smaller obstacles, a mini pipe and a magic carpet, which is nice for newbies looking to get a taste of freestyle. Winsport Terrain Park is considered one of the best in Western Canada. It offers more than 30 different features suited for advanced/expert riders, such as jibs, jumps and rails. The park was built by qualified riders and welcomes even Canada's slope style. Unfortunately, you will always have to hop on Legacy Chair to get back up the mountain to the park's entrance, which means you will have to cover quite a distance in order to get to the chairlift and back to the start of the terrain park. We recommend adding another magic carpet, which would save skiers and riders time and trouble.

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