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      Family 7 / 10
      Overall score: *51 / 60
      *6 out of 10 categories rated

      Superbroad trails at Peak 9 – excellent family terrain!

      The former mine-town Breckenridge is among the oldest mountain villages in Summit County. Downtown you can still admire many of the old buildings dating from the 19th century which add to Beckenridges` special flair. The Beckenridge ski resort is certainly the main attraction, still we can recommend a historical guided tour through Beckenride City or a visit to one of the former goldmines. Families are best off at Peak 9 and Peak 8. Easy practicing trails are located in the lower areas of the two mountains where kids can enjoy a convenient and safe introduction to snow-sports. If the offspring has enjoyed skiing before the upper areas of Peak 8 and Peak 9, which are dominated by intermediate trails, is perfectly suitable for families. The broad and long trails are definitely fun and will keep a family busy for a while! If parents would like to conquer the extreme terrain at Peak 10 there is always the possibility to drop off the kids at the ski school located at the new “BreckConnect” gondola, where also the “kid`s Castle”, a beautiful kids-park can be found

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