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Review Big White Ski Resort: Average Snow Conditions

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Category Snow: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Beneficial weather conditions
  • Located at high altitude
  • No glacier skiing
  • No particularly long season
  • Snow guns could be expanded
Snow 8 / 10
Overall score: 77 / 100

100% Natural Snow

Guess what? There is no artificial snow-making at Big White, since the ski resort gets enough powder on its runs every year. This is also the reason why the season varies from year to year. However, the area is considered a relatively snow-sure destination that has been able to maintain a quite constant seasonal period from the end of November to the beginning of April.

Notwithstanding, there were a couple of runs which were still closed due to lack of snow during our visit in mid-December. Others had not been groomed for the same reason. So, verdict is in: We love natural snow! Nevertheless, an additional investment should be considered here in order to be able to provide access to the full range of runs.