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Review Big White Ski Resort: Value for Money

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Category Value for Money: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • No parking fees
  • Food prices
  • Reasonable prices for beverages
  • Discount Specials
  • Ticket rates rather expensive
Value for Money 5 / 10
Overall score: 77 / 100

Expensive Rates – Discounts for Overnight Stays

Big White's focus lies on families with kids, who are likely to stay several days in one ski resort staying in one accommodation only. Since Big White boasts an enourmous number of accommodation facilities which is above average compared to North American standards, there is something to fit every taste and budget.

However, the lift ticket prices can leave you speechless: Adults are charged 95 CAD (Dec 17), which is neither below nor above average. We recommend to make use of one of the offered discounts and packages for overnight stays. For instance, there are lift tickets in combination with overnight stays of which you can make use of. Adults would be charged 129 CAD for this offer, which includes a single-day lift ticket plus overnight stay. Moreover, Big White offers discounts à la stay 4 nights, pay 3. Keep an eye out for deals and packages at Big White's website (> Hot Deals).

Taken everything into account, the value-for-money ratio at Big White is reasonable thanks to the discounts, deals, and packages offered. You'd hardly find a single-day lift ticket plus overnight stay for just under 90€ in Europe. So, bringing in a verdict: Feel free to add one or two points to our rating if you fit into the ski resort's target group being families (with kids) or multi-day guests. If you don't, do not.