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Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Great variety of slopes for advanced skiers
  • Good Après-Ski
  • Lots of easy terrain
  • Great variety of slopes
  • Guaranteed to have great snow
  • Designated areas for children
  • Some older lifts
Overall score:
77 / 100

Big White: Where Great Powder Meets Canada's Most Popular Family Ski Resort

It is big, as it is one of the largest ski areas in Canada, and it is white – always, which is why it is the place to go for great powder. Hence, its slogan “It's the snow“ is spot on! Big White is a huge hit with families and skiers who want to spend their vacation with minimum hassle and maximum time on the mountains.

If you're into skiing powder on reasonably easy slopes – and like to ski from summit to base on green runs, there can be few better places, wherefore you should put Big White high on the shortlist. What to expect: Reasonable prices, target group oriented offers, the Adventure Park with a dedicated beginner area for children, all kinds of off-piste activities and an outstanding range of runs covering all levels, whether you are a ski newbie, intermediate or advanced skier.

Moreover, there are plenty of glades and several long blacks to explore for experts. If you're after extensive steep terrain, you better look elsewhere. As with most of the ski resorts in Canada, Big White is not able to keep up with European lift standards (there is only one (!) heated chairlift in the land of maple syrup).

Nightlife is full on in Big White: Snowshoe Sam's surprises with a neat pub atmosphere and has already won several awards; foodies will also be more than satisfied. Too tired to party all night? Big White is a purpose-built resort that has more visitor beds than any other ski resort in British Columbia – except for Whistler, so there's room for every taste and budget.