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Review Big White Ski Resort: Backcountry Skiing

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Category Freeride: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Off-piste area
  • No guided tours for freeride skiers
  • No patrolled off-piste runs
  • No Avalanche training offered
  • Information on avalanches not available
Freeride 7 / 10
Overall score: 77 / 100

Sufficient for Freeride Newbies

As each and every Canadian ski resort does, Big White caters for the needs of its freeride community. The back side of the summit can be reached by Cliff Chair or Alpine T-Bar and boasts quite challenging terrain: The Parachute Bowl offers excellent slope conditions and snow coverage for freeriders shredding down the mountain. Sun Rype Bowl is another great spot, offering all possible levels of difficulty on Kalina's Rainbow and Black Bear.

Treeskiing At Big White

Treeskiing is also very popular in Big White and is possible on numerous slopes. Easier runs can be found on Paradise (Glades) or in the Thunder Glades area, where there are only few trees and the slopes are not as steep as elsewhere.

Compared to ski resorts that focus on freeriding, Big White gets the short straw. There are far too little options, even though there is tree skiing and great snow coverage. Skiers who are into large bowls and steep slopes are advised to go somewhere else in BC. Notwithstanding, newbies will be fine!