Ski Resort Kappl in Paznaun - Ischgl: Position on map

Review Kappl: Value for Money

Category Value for Money: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • No parking fees
  • Reasonable ticket rates
  • Discount Specials
    Value for Money 8 / 10
    Overall score: 77 / 100

    Attractive ski pass prices for families and senior citizens

    Whoever spends a skiing holiday in Paznaun can look forward to the conditions in Kappl. Kappl is financially for example much cheaper than Ischgl, which is only a few kilometres away. In Kappl children up to seven years of age ski free of charge and up to 16 years of age at a reduced rate. Families with more than two children also receive special discounts. Senior citizens from 61 years of age can also look forward to a reduced ski pass. 

    In Kappl there is also the possibility of a "Wahlabo" (= optional subscription). This is a ski pass which includes 6 days and allows you to ski for 2 days in the neighbouring areas of Ischgl, Galtür or See. This ski pass is only minimally more expensive than the 6-day ski pass for Kappl.

    Early Bird Skiing included

    Really great is that in Kappl Early Bird Skiing is included in the normal ski pass. In many other ski resorts you have to pay extra for this offer.