Ski Resort Kappl in Paznaun - Ischgl: Position on map

Review Kappl: Après-Ski

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  • Cosy Après Ski
    Nightlife 7 / 10
    Overall score: 77 / 100

    Cheap après-ski only a few minutes from “Ischgl”!

    Kappl and Ischgl are so different, it is hard to believe that the two mountain villages are only a few minutes apart. While the high society meets in Ischgl and celebrates into the morning with high-proof (and high-priced) drinks, in Kappl you are able to enjoy a break on the sunny restaurant terraces in a rather quiet atmosphere. In the skiing area itself, the Sunny-Mountain-Almstüberl (at slope no. 5), the Sunny-Mountain-Panoramabar (at the valley station of the Alblittkopf cable car) and the Bockalm (at the mountain station of the Dias four-cabin cable car) invite you to take a break. Especially, at the Sunny-Mountain-Panoramabar there is always a great atmosphere to typical après-ski hits. In the evening you can end the day at "Auhof Schupfa" in the valley.