Ski Resort Kappl in Paznaun - Ischgl: Position on map

Review Kappl: Backcountry Skiing

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  • Information on avalanches available
  • Guided tours for freeride skiers
  • Off-piste area
  • Avalanche training offered
    Freeride 8 / 10
    Overall score: 77 / 100

    Kappl turns out to be a powder paradise

    Although Kappl is a rather small and family-friendly ski area, it offers numerous off-piste skiing opportunities for freeride fans. Almost all powder slopes can be reached from the top station of the Alblittkopf- or Alblittbahn. As safety is a top priority in Kappl, there is a freeride checkpoint with a freeride information board right at the top station of the Diasbahn. Here deep snow lovers will find information on the current avalanche warning level, snow depths and temperature. There is also an avalanche checkpoint for functional tests of avalanche pipers.

    The Kappl ski school offers freeride courses for beginners as well as full professionals. For freeride fans we can recommend the Route Blanka, which runs parallel to the Alblittkopfbahn.

    Open Faces Kappl

    The fact that Kappl has meanwhile made a name for itself among the freeride areas shows that the freeride pros also regularly come to Kappl as part of the annual Open Faces Freeride Series. At this time the Kappl Freeride Days always take place with a great program. On the day of the competition, spectators have best view of runs and riders. This event is accompanied by moderation and music - a real tip for true freeride fans.