Ski Resort Kappl in Paznaun - Ischgl: Position on map

Review Kappl: Beginner Skiing

Category Beginner: Official review by Snow-Online.com
  • Designated beginner areas
  • Great variety of ski schools and lessons offered
  • Great variety of runs for beginners
  • Good access to the beginner area
  • Well equipped kids park
    Beginner 8 / 10
    Overall score: 77 / 100

    „Sunny-Mountain-Adventurepark“ - suitable for total beginners!

    Kappl is a great destination for total newcomers to snowsports! The “Dias” quadruple-cabin railway takes the winter athlets right to the « Dias » mountain station. Once the newcomers exit the lift at the mountain station they will certainly start beaming with joy at the sight of the wonderful kids „Sunny-Mountain-Adventurepark“ with its magic-carpet-lift. And don't worry, the magic carpet lift is not only reserved for the youngest ski novices. If you have had some experience on skis, the gentle hillsides around the “Alblitt” railway and the “Mardina” lift is certainly delightful terrain. With the slopes 1, 1a, 4 and 5 (please use trail map) you have several easy slopes (marked blue) at your disposal. Even though the valley descent to “Kappl” isn’t overly steep, we nevertheless recommend beginners to take the gondola back down to the valley, because the slopes can get a bit slushy and thus difficult to ski in the lower parts of the resort.