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      Durango Purgatory: The family-friendly alternative Colorado!

      The Durango Mountain Resort in southwestern Colorado is the most family-friendly ski area in the state. Whereas the world-famous Vail, Beaver Creek and Aspen are constantly competing against each other to offer the most spectacular runs possible, Durango offers a well-rounded range of trails and activities for families, beginners and leisure skiers. And since Durango, unlike the competition in the north, doesn't directly neighbor the metropolis of Denver, the quaint little ski town is also a lot less congested. Advanced skiers and freeriders are the only ones we wouldn't necessarily recommend a trip to Durango to. With its only 536 hectares (1325 acres) of trail-surface, Durango is not only markedly smaller than its competition (Vail & co.), it also has a lot fewer difficult trails.

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