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Official review by Snow-Online.com
      Overall score:
      47 / 60
      *6 out of 10 categories rated

      Cardrona: one of New Zealands best resorts amidst pristine mountain scenery!

      With its three modern chair lift facilities Cardrona belongs without doubt to the larger and better ski resorts in New Zealand (even though this might seem difficult to imagine for European and North Americans). Our test-team especially enjoyed Cardronas location above the untouched and pristine “Cardrona Valley”. Not even the colourful buildings above the parking lot are a downer although one can’t get rid of the impression that an ( unsuccessful ) imitation of an Austrian or Swiss mountain village was tried there. Especially in the snowboarding and family category Cardrona really convinces and was able to obtain the “TOP for snowboarders” and TOP for families” award.

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