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      Skiing in its most natural form!

      New Zealand is about as large as Germany. But with only 4 million inhabitants the largest skiing nation in the southern hemisphere seems fairly small. And that’s what makes skiing in New Zealand and especially in Cardrona so unique. The Cardrona valley that stretches over about 60km is home to only one village (Cardrona Village). The panorama in Cardrona offers incredible views of uninhabited and pristine mountain sceneries. An experience that should be new even to experienced skiers (from Europe and North America). Furthermore more than half of Cardrona’s terrain is categorized as intermediate terrain (in New Zealand earmarked blue). Especially recommendable slopes for experienced skiers is the terrain around the “Captain’s Quad”. The long trails “Lake Rachel” or “All Nations” (see trail map) challenge even the good skiers. But in order to keep up internationally with the best resorts, Cardrona would have to offer more slopes and lift-facilities.

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