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      Nightlife 5 / 10
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      Cafes and Restaurants in Cardrona and Après Ski in Queenstown!

      Cardrona is a quiet and (for European conditions) a very solitary situated ski resort. During day time the visitors are excellently catered for. The “Mezz Café” at the base of the “MacDougall’s Quad” offers Italian food and coffee like cappuccino and espresso as well as some alcoholic beverages. Right next door is the “Noodle Bar” which has specialized on Asian food. We especially liked the rustic cabin “Captain’s Pizzeria” at the base station of the “Captain’s Quad”. Nothing compares to a hearty meal on a sun deck while your eyes rest on the beautiful lonely “Cardrona Valley”. After lifts close you will search in vain on the mountain or in the valley for a possibility to go out. For those that don’t think they go out of their way by driving the one hour to Queenstown can dive into great nightlife in New Zealand’s most famous ski town.

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