Snowiest Ski Resorts Ötztal

has usually more snow than
88 of 89miles skiable terrain open
Top Station 10958 ft
Base Station 4429.1 ft
Drop 6528.9 ft
Snowmaking Share 77 %
Snow Making Machines 363
Snow Report
61 of 70miles skiable terrain open
Top Station 10105 ft
Base Station 5882.5 ft
Drop 4222.4 ft
Snowmaking Share 99 %
Snow Making Machines 320
Snow Report
24 of 24miles skiable terrain open
Top Station 7545.9 ft
Base Station 2690.3 ft
Drop 4855.6 ft
Snowmaking Share 100 %
Snow Making Machines 89
Snow Report
9 of 9miles skiable terrain open
Top Station 8792.7 ft
Base Station 6233.6 ft
Drop 2559.1 ft
Snowmaking Share 70 %
Snow Making Machines 5
Snow Report
2 of 2miles skiable terrain open
Top Station 5511.8 ft
Base Station 5082 ft
Drop 429.8 ft
Snowmaking Share N/A
Snow Making Machines N/A
Snow Report

5 snowiest Ski Resorts Ötztal

2.Obergurgl Hochgurgl
3.Schiregion Hochoetz
5.Umhausen Niederthai

Ski Resorts Ötztal

The snowiest ski resorts Ötztal. Sölden is the destination with the most snow guaranteed during the season. The following criteria was used to compute the list of resorts offering the best snow:
  • Average snow depth
  • Percentage of slopes covered by snowmaking
  • Altitude of base and highest lifted point
  • Overall user rating for snow conditions
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