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Ski Review 2019/2020: Ladies Allround

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last update on Nov 19, 2019

All those seeking an enjoyable day on the slope will find what they're looking for in the „Ladies Allround“ section. These skis offer a high level of comfort while providing excellent turning conditions to make your ski trip as relaxed as possible. Instead of focusing on speed and athleticism, these models will let skiers experience the full pleasure of the slope.

Relaxed models for relaxed skiing

The “Ladies Allround” models combine a unique mix of performance and style at a modest price. They are built to save the skiers energy while being easy to turn at the same time, making them ideal for beginners and those looking for some relaxing time on the ski slope.

The 2019/2020 Ski Review in Bad Kleinkirchheim illustrated the high quality of the skis, with our champion reaching the grade “excellent” and six models scoring a “very good” grade. Their simple, yet elegant design makes them quite a sight as well.

Target group: Female beginners, pleasure-seekers

Test Winner: Salomon S/Max W 8

Salomon S/Max W 8
Salomon S/Max W 8

Being the only model to reach the grade "excellent", the Salomon S/Max W 8 beats its competitors to first place. With a score of 41.9 points and high marks in all areas, the skis will make even long days on the slope enjoyable.

Physical effort8.3 / 10
Stability at speed8.5 / 10
Edge hold8.5 / 10
Short turns 8.0 / 10
Long turns 8.6 / 10
Final score41.9 / 50


>> Find out more about the Salomon S/Max W 8 here!

Second place: Dynastar Intense 12

Dynastar Intense 12
Dynastar Intense 12

A score of 38.8 points earns the Dynastar's Intense 12 model a "very good" grade and second place in our ranking. Pleasure-seeking skiers will enjoy smooth and elegant turns, as well as a high stability at speed.

Physical effort7.6 / 10
Stability at speed8.1 / 10
Edge hold7.7 / 10
Short turns 7.7 / 10
Long turns 7.7 / 10
Final score38.8 / 50


>> Find out more about the Dynastar Intense 12 here!

Third place: Rossignol Nova 10 Ti

Rossignol Nova 10 Ti
Rossignol Nova 10 Ti

The third-placed Rossignol Nova 10 Ti wins the bronze medal twice, the second one being awarded in SnowStyle for its classy design. Both long and short turns are no problem for the model, while saving the skier energy at the same time. 


Physical effort7.6 / 10
Stability at speed7.3 / 10
Edge hold7.0 / 10
Short turns 7.6 / 10
Long turns 7.5 / 10
Final score37.0 / 50


>> Find out more about the Rossignol Nova 10 Ti here! 

All test results for the Ladies Allround

RankSkiRating Price (RRP)

Salomon S/Max W 8


599,99 €

Dynastar Intense 12


599,99 €


Rossignol Nova 10 Ti


599,99 €


K2 Anthem 74 HS


529,95 €


Völkl Flair 76 Elite


450,00 €


Nordica Sentra S 5 FDT


549,99 €


Elan Inspire


499,99 €


Fischer My Turn 68


449,95 €


Blizzard Alight 7.2


550,00 €


Atomic Cloud 11


549,99 €


>> Follow the link of each model for detailed test results

>> Check out the 2018/2019 season's test results here.



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