Ski Review 2021/2022: Ladies Allround

Pleasure skiers who don't want to strain their energy reserves unnecessarily will make the right choice with the Ladies Allround models. These are easy to turn and are fun all day long. With the comfort models, the focus is not on speed and sportiness, but on the joy of skiing.

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Comfort and driving pleasure all day long

They are easy to turn, easy to ski and offer a great combination of performance, style and price. The all-round skis for women are therefore ideal for improving your own performance or simply enjoying a day of skiing. And with them, the day can last longer.

Sporting ambition tends to take a back seat with these models, but that doesn't mean that downhill runs at speed aren't possible with the all-rounders. Female skiers who find the high-performance skis too aggressive will find reliable partners in this category for a relaxed, stress-free day on the slopes.

At the 2021 WorldSkitest on the Mölltal Glacier we were also able to test the new women's models under top conditions. The ratings are correspondingly good. Two models can boast the test grade "excellent", and the rest also achieve "very good" and "good" ratings across the board.

Target group: Female beginners and pleasure-seekers

Test winner: Nordica Belle DC 72

Nordica Belle DC 72
Nordica Belle DC 72 © Nordica

The victory in the Ladies Allround category goes to the Belle DC 72 from Nordica. The model from Nordica's new women's series promises easy turn initiation for both long and short turns. The all-rounder convinces in all test criteria and achieves the top rating "excellent" with 40.8 points.

Long turns8.2 / 10
Short turns8.1 / 10
Edge hold8.1 / 10
Stability at speed8.1 / 10
Physical effort8.3 / 10
Final score40.8 / 50

>> More information about the Nordica Belle DC 72 can be found here!

Second Place: Fischer The Curv DTI WS

Fischer The Curv DTI WS
Fischer The Curv DTI WS © Fischer Sports GmbH

Just behind first place is The Curv DTI WS from Fischer. The dynamic all-rounder outperforms its competitors above all in edge grip and short radii. However, it is also great fun for long carving turns. The testers were impressed by its look, too, which is why it also won the Silver Medal in the Ladies Allround category of the SnowStyle Award.

Long turns7.7 / 10
Short turns8.5 / 10
Edge hold8.3 / 10
Stability at speed7.8 / 10
Physical effort7.9 / 10
Totals score40.2 / 50

>> More information about the Fischer The Curv DTI WS can be found here!

Third Place: Salomon S/Max W 8

Salomon S/Max W 8
Salomon S/Max W 8 © Salomon

The third place on the podium goes to the S/Max W 8 from Salomon. The great strength of this comfort model is its smooth running. In addition, it is gentle on the energy reserves of its skiers and also forgives the odd mistake. This makes the S/Max W 8 ideal for any skiing day, no matter how long.

Long turns7.8 / 10
Short turns7.2 / 10
Edge hold7.9 / 10
Stability at speed8.1 / 10
Physical effort7.8 / 10
Total score38.8 / 50

>> More information about the Salomon S/Max W 8 can be found here!

All test results for Ladies Allround

RankSkiRatingPrice (RRP)
1Nordica Belle DC 7240.8599,99 €
2Fischer The Curv DTI WS40.2
SnowStyle Silver
599,99 €
3Salomon S/Max W 838.8499,99 €
4Elan Insomnia 1638.4
SnowStyle Gold
599,99 €
5Völkl Flair 76 Elite37.6450,00 €
6Rossignol Nova 10 Ti37.7
SnowStyle Bronze
600,00 €
7Blizzard Phoenix S R13 Ti36.6550,00 €
8Atomic Cloud 934.5499,00 €
9Dynastar E Lite 532.8500,00 €

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