Ski Review 2022/2023: Ladies Allround

You want to experience relaxed skiing fun, improve your technique or simply enjoy long ski days from morning to night? Then the skis in the all-round category are the right choice for you. The energy-saving comfort models offer a great combination of performance, style and price. Let us introduce you to the winners of the WorldSkitest in the Ladies Allround category.

Reliable partners for relaxed skiing fun

Even if athletic ambition is not the focus in this category, speedy descents are definitely possible with the Allround models. They run smoothly, are easy to steer and spare power reserves. This makes the Allrounders just as suitable for beginners as for more experienced skiers who simply want to spend the whole day on the slopes without falling into bed dead tired in the evening. In addition, they can also convince with their attractive price-performance ratio.

The all-round skis are less aggressive than the high-performance models. However, the fact that the ski industry is also working at a high level with mid-range models is shown by the ratings in the 2022 WorldSkitest, with all women's all-rounders achieving the test grade "very good".

>> How the WorldSkitest works

Target group: beginners, less experienced skiers, pleasure skiers

Test winner: Salomon S/Max N°8

Salomon S/Max N°8
Salomon S/Max N°8 © Salomon

In the thoroughly tight field of the Ladies Allround category, the Salomon S/Max N°8 was able to leave the competition behind and landed in first place with very good 39.8 points. Its strengths include above all the high stability at speed, the great edge grip and the low power requirement. In addition to gold in performance, the Salomon also takes the silver medal in SnowStyle for its design.

Long turns7,4 / 10
Short turns7,6 / 10
Edge hold8,1 / 10
Stability at speed8,4 / 10
Physical effort8,3 / 10
Final score39,8 / 50

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Second Place: Fischer The Curv DTI WS

Fischer The Curv DTI WS
Fischer The Curv DTI WS © Fischer Sports GmbH

As in the men's category, Fischer's The Curv DTI also comes in second in the women's Allround category, here as a Women Selection in the blue color variant. The ski convinces in all areas, is easy on it's skierse power reserves and is still smooth and stable on the slopes even in faster turns.

Long turns7,5 / 10
Short turns7,9 / 10
Edge hold7,8 / 10
Stability at speed7,8 / 10
Physical effort8,3 / 10
Final score39,3 / 50

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Third Place: Nordica Belle 72 CA

Nordica Belle 72 CA
Nordica Belle 72 CA © Nordica

Third place goes to the innovative Nordica Belle 72 CA. In the test category "Physical effort" he even gets the top score. But the Nordica also knows how to convince in the other criteria. This power-saving all-rounder is really fun on the slopes.

Long turns7,7 / 10
Short turns7,8 / 10
Edge hold7,4 / 10
Stability at speed7,6 / 10
Physical effort8,5 / 10
Final score39,0 / 50

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All test results for Ladies Allround

RankSkiPointsRatingPrice (RRP)
1Salomon S/Max N°839,8 / 50very good
SnowStyle Silver
550,00 €
2Fischer The Curv DTI WS39,3 / 50very good599,99 €
3Nordica Belle 72 CA39,0 / 50very good549,95 €
4Blizzard Phoenix R13 CA37,8 / 50very good550,00 €
5Dynastar E Lite 737,5 / 50very good600,00 €
6Elan Insomnia 14 Ti36,8 / 50very good
SnowStyle Bronze
599,95 €
7Atomic Cloud C936,5 / 50very good
SnowStyle Gold
549,99 €
8Völkl Flair 76 Elite36,2 / 50 very good450,00 €
9Rossignol Nova 8 CA36,0 / 50very good580,00 €

(Prices incl. bindings)

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