Ski Review 2019/2020: Ladies High Performance

For athletic and highly athletic women looking for stability and precision, skis under the category „Ladies High Performance“ are the perfect choice. Here, winter sportswomen will find the right skis for rapid skiing.

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High performance light-weights

„Ladies High Perfomance“ skis offer high speed without the aggression of slalom carver and giant slalom models, combining comfort and athletic requirements. Their low weight helps the skiers save energy while being easy to turn even at high speeds. Our testers, such as professional skier Nicole Schmidhofer, were impressed by the technically advanced models during the tests in Bad Kleinkirchheim. The skis achieved outstanding results, with six models being awarded the grade „very good“ and one even scoring an „excellent“ grade.

Target group: Athletic and highly athletic female skiers.

Test winner: Fischer My Curv

Fischer My Curv
Fischer My Curv

Last year's champion once again managed to convince our judges of its outstanding quality, scoring 41.3 points. Especially the marks regarding long turn, edge grip and steadiness are remarkable, winning the Fischer My Curv an "excellent" grade. 

Physical effort7.9 / 10
Stabilty at speed8.5 / 10
Edge hold8.6 / 10
Short turns7.8 / 10
Long turns8.5 / 10
Final score41.3 / 50

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Second Place: Atomic Cloud 12

Atomic Cloud 12
Atomic Cloud 12

The Atomic Cloud 12 skis achieved great results as well, jumping to second place with a total score of 39.5. Their world-cup-proven Servotec technology gives them steadiness and stability in long turns - ideal requirements for speed queens!

Physical effort7.8 / 10
Stability at speed7.8 / 10
Edge hold7.9 / 10
Short turns7.7 / 10
Long turns8.3 / 10
Final score39.5 / 50

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Third place: Salomon S/Max W Blast

Salomon S/Max W Blast
Salomon S/Max W Blast

The Salomon S/Max W Blast rank third in this year's test. Long, quick turns and perfect steadiness are their strengths, making it the optimal companion for athletic skiers. 

Physical effort7.4 / 10
Stability at speed8.1 / 10
Edge hold7.9 / 10
Short turns6.9 / 10
Long turns8.0 / 10
Final score38.3 / 50

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All test results for Ladies High Performance

RankSkiRatingPrice (RRP)
1Fischer My Curv41.3599,95€
2Atomic Cloud 1239.5649,95€
3Salomon S/Max W Blast38.3799,99€
4Völkl Flair SC Carbon38.1780,- €
5Nordica Sentra SL 7 Ti FDT36.7749,95€
6K2 Anthem 72 Ti HS36.1649,95€
7Rossignol Nova 14 Ti35.5699,99€
8Dynastar Speed Elite34.9699,99€
9Elan Insomnia33.2749,95€
10Blizzard Alight Pro31.6750,- €

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