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Ski Review Ladies Allround 2018/19

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last update on Nov 4, 2019

A unique mix of style, performance, and price, is what makes these ladies' models so attractive. Due to its high comfort, they are ideally suited to women wanting to spend a recreational day on the slopes. As they offer maximum security and stability, beginners will feel particularly comfortable on skis of the category Ladies Allround.

Pure Pleasure

Stylishly and effortlessly carving freshly groomed slopes is a piece of cake on these ladies' models! With their great mobility they are easy to steer, and make skiing a true pleasure. The models are enjoyably light, so that you're not exhausted after a day on the slopes.

Once again, we looked for the best models around, and teamed up with Stephanie Venier, Claudia Strobl, and other winter sports stars, to test out skis of the 2018/19 season at St. Johann Alpendorf. As the quality is extremely high in this category, the judges had a really hard time making a decision. The result speaks for itself: two of the reviewed models got rated "excellent", eight were "very good".

Target: recreational skiers, beginners

Winner: Salomon S/Max W 6

Salomon S/Max W 6
Salomon S/Max W 6

Salomon S/Max W 6 allows for playful skiing and easy turning. The judges were convinced by its mobility and its excellent edge grip. Together with outstanding results in other areas, the ladies' ski got a total of 42.2 points: first place in the Ladies Allround category.

General effort8.6 / 10

8.3 / 10

Edge grip8.8 / 10
Short turn8.3 / 10
Long turn8.2 / 10
Total42.2 / 50

>> More information on our winner at our database!

Second: Fischer My Turn 68

Fischer My Turn 68
Fischer My Turn 68

Just like last year, Fischer My Turn 68 convinced the reviewers all around, scoring second place in Ladies Allround, with 41.3 points total. Besides its technical features, the model was praised for its good looks, and recieved gold at SnowStyle.

General effort8.3 / 10

8 / 10

Edge grip8.2 / 10
Short turn8.4 / 10
Long turn8.4 / 10
Total41.3 / 50

>> Learn more about Fischer My Turn 68!

Third: Atomic Cloud 9

Atomic Cloud 9
Atomic Cloud 9

Another visual highlight: the rhinestoned Atomic Cloud 9. The easily steerable ladies' model recieved the bronze medal at SnowStyle, and landed third in the category Ladies Allround.

General effort8.2 / 10

8 / 10

Edge grip7.8 / 10
Short turn7.9 / 10
Long turn8 / 10
Total39.9 / 50

>> All information on this ski!

Overview of the Results in Ladies Allround

RankSkiRatingPrice (RRP)
1Salomon S/Max W 642.2€ 429.99
2Fischer My Turn 6841.3€ 449.95
3Atomic Cloud 939.9€ 449.95
4Dynastar Intense 1038.6€ 499.99
5Elan Inspire37.6€ 499.99
6Völkl Flair 76 Elite37.6€ 449.95
7Blizzard Alight 7.237.0€ 450
8Nordica Sentra S4 FDT36.9€ 499.95
9K2 Secret LUV36.7€ 449.95
10Rossignol Famous 635.8€ 459.95


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