Ski Review 2018/19: Men Allround

These allround models promise perfect skiing peasure on the slopes! After a long day on these forgiving skis, you won't have to go straight to bed from exhaustion. The perfect companion for recreational skiers, they are perfect for gentle turnes in the snow, while being easy not only on your energy, but on your wallet as well. The light, turnable models are popular with beginners, but perfectly suited to intermediate recreational skiers as well.

Pure Pleasure!

Our judges took a close look at the allrounders' technical traits and design at our review location St. Johann-Alpendorf. The models' harmonic performance convinded the judges, hence the results were very narrow. With their enormous comfort, high feeling of security, great stability and steadiness as well as good value for money, nine out of ten models received a "very good" ranking.

Target: beginners, recreational skiers, sporty skiers


Winner: Salomon S/Max 8

Salomon S/Max 8
Salomon S/Max 8

For the category "Men Allround", Salomon's S/Max 8 comes highest on the winners' podium. The ski stood out during long turns, but convinced our judges in all other areas as well.

General effort7.8 / 10
Steadiness7.8 / 10
Edge grip7.9 / 10
Short turn7.8 / 10
Long turn8.3 / 10
Total39.6 / 50

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Second: Nordica Dobermann Spitfire TI FDT

Nordica Dobermann Spitfire TI FDT
Nordica Dobermann Spitfire TI FDT

Second best in "Men Allround" was Nordica Dobermann Spitfire TI FDT. With this model, delightful carving on perfectly groomed slopes becomes a piece of cake. The sporty allrounder is filled with sophisticated technology, and enthused the judges with its diversity and power.

General effort7.6 / 10
Steadiness7.8 / 10
Edge grip8 / 10
Short turn7 / 10
Long turn8 / 10
Total38.4 / 50

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Third: Atomic Redster X5

Atomic Redster X5
Atomic Redster X5

The Atomic Redster X5 convinced with its great performance and price as well as its appealing design. Hence, it received two bronze medals in "Men Allround". A diverse and effortless ski, this model guarantees a perfect day on the slope!

General effort7.8 / 10
Steadiness7.1 / 10
Edge grip7.7 / 10
Short turn6.9 / 10
Long turn7.7 / 10
Total37.2 / 50

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Overview of the Results for Men Allround

RankSkiRatingPrice (RRP)
1Salomon S/Max 839.6€ 599.99
2Nordica Dobermann Spitfire TI FDT38.4€ 599.95
3Atomic Redster X537.2€ 499.95
4K2 Charger37.1€ 599.95
5Fischer Progressor F1837€ 549.95
6Völkl RTM 7936.6€ 649.95
7Elan Amphibio 14 TI Fusion36.4€ 599.99
8Blizzard Firebird TI35.3€ 600
8Rossignol Hero Elite Multiturn Carbon35.3€ 629.95
10Dynastar Speed Zone 10 Ti34.9€ 649.95


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