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Review Warth Schröcken (Ski Arlberg): On Mountain Dining

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  • Broad variety of cuisines
  • Mountain huts in every area of the resort
  • Many mountain huts
  • Charming mountain huts
  • Mountain huts with beautiful vista
    On Mountain Dining 9 / 10
    Overall score: 89 / 100

    Diverse gastronomy from quaint to extravagant

    The sheer number of different restaurants on Arlberg guarantees a great diversity of menus. From quaint huts serving plain food to exclusive fine dining facilities – Arlberg has everything your culinary heart desires. The price range is just as broad. While you can dine at an acceptable price in Warth and Schröcken, St. Anton, Lech and Zürs will require to dig a bit deeper into your pockets.

    As a detailed review of all facilities available would go far beyond the scope of this test report, let us just present to you a few of our highlights:

    1. A must for every fine diner: Verwallstube at Galzigbahn's top station in St. Anton, the highest situated restaurant in Europe.

    2. Another top restaurant is located in Oberlech, near Petersbodenbahn's base station. At “Zur Kanne”, you can expect plain yet fine food. Your host is no less a figure than Olympic champion Patrick Ortlieb.

    3. Restaurant Schlegelkopf is another culinary highlight in Lech. Located at Schlegelkopfbahn's top station, it features specialities from Lech's twin cities: steaks and burgers from Beaver Creek (USA), Sushi from Hakuba (Japan), and oysters from Kampen (Sylt).

    4. Rud-Alpe at Schlegelkopf in Lech is one of Arlberg's cosiest huts. Besides a broad range of excellent food, it boasts a cosy atmosphere and a nice sun terrace.

    Another sun terrace can be found at the restaurant near Rendelbahn's top station. The classic self-service restaurant scores with its harmonious interior design and its Asian wok dishes.


    On Mountain Dining

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